General Interests

If you’ve already ignored my “Who am I ?” page, then the following stuff might not be of much interest to you either, but you can ignore it as well if you want …

I played Cricket and Basketball at school (being tall sort of helped) and I spent some time Race Walking with The Greyfriars Walking Club, before injury stopped my involvement in that minority sport … and as a result all sports for a while … which was hard. I’ve played local works league cricket for Massey Ferguson, being more of a bowler than a batsman. I’ve also played a little social Tennis.

When I was about 18, one of my sisters dragged me along to a Venture Scouting event: a sponsored, fancy dress, pram push, race around a local park, as they needed an extra pair of legs and lungs to help their efforts. I ended up joining the Venture Scout Unit until the upper age limit of 20. Later, I became the Warranted Leader of the Unit for a number of years. My length of service in Scouting wasn’t very long, but I had some brill’ times with a great bunch of young people, and it certainly enhanced my love of walking in the hills.

Country Walking.
My most enduring and certainly most passionate activity is country walking. If you want to call it a sport, then I believe it is the sport with the most number of active participants (although I think the fishing fraternity might argue the point). It’s simply the best thing to do, whether you call it Walking, Rambling, Hiking, Hill walking, or what-ever.

Personally, I don’t like being called a Rambler, as is seems wishy-washy and sort of implies I don’t know where I’m going. My apologies to the Ramblers Association, who do fantastic work on access to the countryside, and the Coventry CHA Rambling Club for “dissing” their names, but hey that’s what I think.

There have been various strands to my walking life :-

  • With Family.
  • On my Own.
  • In Scouting.
  • With the Coventry CHA Rambling Club.
  • With the Coventry & Warwickshire Outdoor Group. A YHA Local Group.
  • Organised Commercial Holidays.

Each of these has a different emphasis and feel and I couldn’t possibly choose one as a favourite over the other.

Some links just in case you’re interested …