Walking Scribblings

Challenge vs Leisure.
Although I enjoy a challenge, I like to think I have an eclectic taste in my walks, where to go, what distances to do and how strenuous to make them:
• From Lake District Mountains to a short stroll around a local country park.
• From doing the Dales way over a week to exploring blue-bell woods with my kids.
• From coastal cliffs and coves to high moors and dales.

Whatever I’m doing, the scenery, the company (when I’m not alone), the solitude (when I am alone), and the camaraderie with fellow walkers (when you meet) are more important to me than bagging as many “tops” as possible or yomping over huge distances. Having said that, given the right timing, motivation and weather, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of mountains and longer walks, but not at the expense of being able to enjoy where I am and experiences along the way.

Maps and Books and Web sites.
I love map reading, both planning for, and during a walk. We are so fortunate in the UK having the O.S. and their superb range of maps. We are also well catered for by dozens of walking books, magazines and in recent times Web Sites, describing virtually every conceivable type of walk, all over the country.

I can spend hours reading a map when planning a walk … I find it much easier than reading a novel … and I’ve “created” my own routes from a sheet spread out on the floor at home. I own guide books and I find them great for general ideas, but I maybe don’t use them for hard and fast routes and I very rarely take a guide book (see my “library” when I’ve posted) with me when I walk. It may be sacrilege in some people’s minds, but I just can’t get on with Wainright’s Lakeland guides very well.

For the more technologically minded there are now electronic mapping packages to aid route planning and can download ref. points to GPS systems. Memory map and ISYS are two I’ve heard of but not used – Yet. …. As of Mid Oct, I’ve now purchased a Memory Map package and have started “palying” with it. 1st use was to help plan my 3-Day Lake district walks at end of October.

Some more stuff.
The following pages describe walks I’ve done over the years. They are not perfect route descriptions; in some cases details may be very sketchy as time and memory don’t help, especially when walks have been lead by others, as routes don’t always engrain themselves in the mind.

Hopefully, as I add pages and photo’s I’ll be able to give an overview of some of the beautiful, interesting and sometimes exhilarating places I’ve discovered by myself; been taken to by others or places I’ve visited with family and friends. Sometimes I may be able to give an insight into the emotions involved, both highs and lows.



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