Who Am I ?

I don’t know how relevant or interesting this stuff might be to you, but hey you can ignore it if you want to …

Where and when.
I was born in Coventry, England. Mum and Dad brought me up, with two younger sisters on the quiet outskirts of the City.

Education was at an excellent all boys’ comprehensive school. I left with O-levels in Geography, English language, Math’s, Technical Drawing, Physics & Chemistry. I sometimes tenuously argue that I also passed English Literature but only if you count grade-D as a bone-fide pass. I also attained a CSE in metalwork. For any youngsters reading this, GCSE’s hadn’t been invented back then and I was only allowed to study a maximum of eight subjects as there wasn’t time for any more in the curriculum … cor, I sound like an old codger!

After school.
I undertook a 5-year technical apprenticeship with a local engineering firm. Complementing practical experience, I did day-release/night school studies at TEC and HTC levels, gaining the Technician Education Council Certificate in Mechanical and Production Engineering. Upon serving my apprenticeship the company employed me in their drawing office where I stayed until 1989.

I then joined the company I still work for, designing hydraulic manifold blocks for mobile and industrial applications ….. or, as my wife succinctly puts it, “I spend all day drawing holes”, Some times I even get to colour them in !

Home life.
I’m very happily married to my lovely wife and we have two super kids. We live in lovely leafy Warwickshire, very close to the countryside. Being in the middle of England, with motorways all around us, it’s relatively easy to get about by road, and into those very special places, all over our country.

Well, that’s me really … Oh I’m about 6′-4″ tall (1.93 metres if you’re young enough to think in metric!) and, like a lot of people, I carry a little more weight than I’d prefer, and I’m certainly not as fit as I once was.



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