20061021-27_The Dales Way Walk

The Dales Way _ My Charity Walk Over 6-Days

In October 2006 I walked The Dales Way from Ilkley (Yorkshire) to Bowness-On-Windermere (Cumbria – Lake District).

Although I did the walk partly for myself, the main purpose of the 6-days was as a one-man charity walk in aid of the SPEAKABILITY COVENTRY GROUP (reg charity no. 295094). This is a local self-help and self-funded charity “Helping people with aphasia (disphasia) – the medical term for language loss following a stroke, head injury or other neurological condition”.


If you’d like more info about SPEAKABILITY COVENTRY GROUP

then please call 024 7669 5239

The same number can be used to to make any donations to the charity.

I hoped my walk would help in two ways

a) to raise a bit of money to aid in the day-to-day running of (and to help ensure continued existence of) a local self-help group in the Coventry and surrounding area.

b) to raise awareness that the group existed by using some of the moneys raised to print leaflets or other similar literature to be posted at libraries, hospital noticeboards, etc. Also, the local newspaper group Coventry Telegraph/Warwickshire Telegraph http://www.coventrytelegraph.net ran an article in their publications. Thanks to them for the publicity.

I haven’t written up anything directly in this site as yet, but my lovely wife ran a blog whilst I was actually doing the walk, her posts being based on the ‘phone calls I made periodically through the walk.

Please visit the following web address to see the blog :-



Visit http://www.dalesway.org.uk/ for news, route updates and other info’ on The Dales Way.

Anyway that’s it for now,

I hope you enjoy reading about my Dales Way walk.





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