Hurray … 1st proper photo postings !

Hurray, I’ve worked out how to :-

  • Upload to Flickr ….
  • Post to the blog ….
  • Edit into the post where I want them … in this case my “20080620_Castle Crag – Borrowdale” diary.

Just to prove it, here’s one now (it’s got me on it, but I’m not sure that’s a good thing).

As these are diary pages, I have compressed the photo file size (for filing space efficiency), so they might not look just as sharp as they might, but they are as they are to illustrate the walk as I did it.

Still, in the unlikely event that you really want a copy of the master photo’ just go to the “contact me” page and send me a comment, or you could copy my email address into your browser and ask me that way.


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