20080619_Fleetwith Pike and Haystacks Walk- videos

My first 3 posts onto youtube …. hopefully you’ll be able to open and play them OK.

Vid-1= http://www.youtube.com/v/fb3i0-XVYxM

Vid-2 = http://www.youtube.com/v/jknS6J2x5ZA

Vid-3 = http://www.youtube.com/v/CEKjwxCWIIg


Vid-1 … This video link above is a 360 degree panorama from the summit of Fleetwith Pike. It starts off looking down Buttermere with Crummock Water and Mellbreak disappearing in the distant haze. The view pans round anti-clockwise taking in the High Stile ridge (tops in cloud !), around to Haystacks and Warnscale Bottom. The high fells of the Pillar Massive, Kirk Fell, The Gables, et-al, are shrouded in cloud. The lump consisting of Brandreth and Grey Knotts is just about clear of cloud. Further round on the other side of Honister pass, Dale Head is mostly visible as is Hindscarth Edge and Hindscarth itself, but Robinson disappears from sight before we return to the classic view down Buttermere.


Vid-2 … This video link is a 360 degree panorama from the summit area of Haystacks [or Hay Stacks if you prefer]. I made a bit of a commentary but the wind noise, pretty much obliterates my speach at times.

Also, the cloud cover is quite low and the commentary by default is pretty generalised in the direction of features as there was a degree of guesswork about where one fell ended and another started especially around Kirk Fell and the Black Sail Pass area.

One thing’s for sure this little group of vids certainly shows the Lake District as it really is … sorry not much blue sky and sharp edged mountain tops on display I’m afraid.

The vid starts looking down Buttermere and Crummock Water and pans round clockwise. The main points to listen out for/see on the way round are :- Grasmoor in cloud ; The Robinson, Hindscarth, Dale Head Ridge in a bit of sun ; The dark mass of Fleetwith Edge rising to Fleetwith Pike ; The Dubs Quarry area with the Waterfalls into Warnscale Bottom ; Grey Knotts and Brandreth are visible with a glimpse of Innominate Tarn on Haystacks itself closer to us ; Green Gable and Great Gable are covered in low cloud as is Kirk Fell and the Pillar massive. One of the summit tops of Haystacks is seen before the eastern end of the High Crag / High Stile range comes into shot ; finally panning back round to the view down to Buttermere again.


Vid-3 … The above video link is a 360 degree panorama from the descent of the Scarth Gap Path as it crosses Buttermere Fell. The commentary is a little better on this vid, as I was more sheltered from the wind. A good proportion of the walk (certainly nearly all of the higher stuff) is encompassed in the video and the weather is begining to improve where you can actually see some blue sky, a rarity I hadn’t enjoyed much of during the day.

The vid takes in Buttermere ; The Robinson, Hindscarth, Dale Head Ridge ; Fleetwith Edge and Fleetwith Pike ; Warnscale Bottom ; Haystacks ; Scarth Gap ; Buttermere Lake agin and The Grasmoor massive.


If you’d like to go to my diary page of the full walk please navigate via the Lake District Category, or hopefully the following link will take you straight there.



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