20080217_ Cawston in the Frost Walk

20080217 Cawston in the Frost
When : 17 February 2008
Who : Just me
Where : Rugby – Warwickshire – England
Map to cover the area : 1:25000 OS Explorer Map 222 Rugby & Daventry
Grid Ref : 47,73 general area


There isn’t much to say about the walk per se, other than to say that I woke up to a beautifully cold and frosty Sunday morning and decided that it would be a shame to not take advantage.

In fact this wasn’t a walk in the sense of ruck-sack, packed lunches, etc., although I did wear walking boots but only as they’re the warmest footwear I’ve got.


I’ve decided to add this post just to show how you can get enjoyment straight outside your own front door. Anyway, I donned warm clothing and headed out for a bit of a wander.

I like the dry frosty crispness that we occasionally get; it’s much nicer than the normal grey dampness that our winters seem to consist of most of the time now-a-days. That’s despite the cold making my nose run and fingers soon not working very well (I kept taking gloves off to operate the camera so I guess that’s my fault).

The low sun sparkled on the frost and made superb silhouettes and long shadows. I especially liked the shapes and patterns made by the old wooden fence alongside the A4071 main road. 


The poor miniature daffodils, just starting to flower, bowed their heads as if in shock. Just a few weeks later they made a fantastic display, welcoming visitors not just to Cawston, but to Bilton Village & Rugby as well : Well done the local parish councils and Rugby Borough for the extensive planting – brill’, it’s a great way to give a good impression of a place and now they’ve established in their beds they are looking better every year.

I hope they do the same where the A4071 and the new Rugby bypass (currently under construction) join near Potsford Dam.

There weren’t many people about, just one or two hardy souls walking their dogs, other than that, I had the estate to myself and the area was beautifully quiet, the cold muting what-ever sounds there might have been. A lovely early morning had, then it was back to reality and family life as “Taxi-Driver Dad”!



For another local walk around Cawston (a proper 6¼ miler) please visit the following link, or go to the “Cov, Warks” category folder for my local walks posts.


I hope you enjoyed my scribblings ….


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