20080505_Cawston Woods – Bluebell walk

20080505 Cawston Woods – Bluebell Walk
When : 5th May 2008
Who : Me and my two kids
Where : Cawston, Rugby – Warwickshire – England
Map : used 1:25000 OS Explorer Map 222 Rugby & Daventry
Grid Ref : 46,73
Public Transport : Bus route – drops off on Calvestone Road, on the Cawston Grange estate near the large island on the A4071.

This is really a continuation of my walk of just a couple of weeks earlier , see post : https://tothehills.wordpress.com/2008/11/13/20080413_cawston-early-morning-walk/

It’s amazing how a few days can transform what felt like winter in mid-April to a lovely warm spring day in early May.

I forget what we’d done earlier in the day, but late in the afternoon I decided to revisit Cawston Woods in the hope that the bluebells would be in bloom now. My kids decided to join me and I think my wife stayed home to do some studying for her degree … exams were imminent and essays were due in!

The route started off pretty much the same as before: Large island at entrance to Cawston Grange Estate; A4071 heading away from Bilton; Cawston Lane; Lay-by by side of the road.


Just past the lay-by is a small field which had a crop of oil seed rape coming into full flower. The sun, lighting up the mass of yellow making a sharp contrast to the dark shadows of Fox Covert behind.

The rape looked stunning but I was pleased we didn’t have to walk through it as the pollen stains clothing and the plants’ smell is somewhat horrible.

We headed off into the woods, the kids excitedly looking forward to discovering the woods for themselves, just like I had a few weeks earlier.



The transformation in the woods was startling; the trees had burst into life with fresh green foliage replacing bare branches and the floor was a carpet of purple with the bluebells in full bloom.

The bird song was incredible, and I tried to get the kids to stand still for a moment (easier said than done) to listen … The brief moment over, they were off again.

In fact the bluebells were starting to “go-over” and just shows how brief the season is for these flowers … maybe only 2 or 3 weeks to see them at their best.


There were quite a few people about, most notably a group of teenage lads on BMX style bikes streaking down a track obviously reserved just for themselves. At points along this track they’d dug out hollows and built earth banks to form jumps. The final jump was quite a major construction, consisting of piled up logs onto which the earth had been packed. Health and safety would have had nightmares over this.

Heading onwards, we followed paths and tracks, bluebells everywhere; the kids off at a run and I had to call them back several times just to keep them in sight, their pace completely at odds with my wish to soak up the sights and atmosphere of the quieter parts of the woods.

Eventually we compromised and we ended up following a track generally south westwards, the bluebells petering out as the wood was squeezed into a narrow strip between farmland fields.

After a while, we exited the wood on a footpath sort of in a southerly direction and after a hundred yards or so (at a cross-roads of footpaths) we turned right across a stile to head north alongside a hedge. We were now heading back towards the woods and we were soon amongst the trees and bluebells again.




At this point I was going to head straight on to Cawston Farm and head off home, but my children had other ideas and persuaded me to head back into Fox Covert to rediscover the area all over again.

This wasn’t a bad compromise, as they really wanted to explore the Cawston Spinney side of the track, but I dissuaded them from this, remembering how the path had got boggy and difficult to follow when I was there in April. 

Eventually we did reach Cawston Farm, rejoined the A4071, and the final half-a-mile or so back home.

A short walk really, maybe just an hour or so, but very enjoyable, especially seeing the kids enthused and playing together, running, laughing, climbing trees, just enjoying each others company … excellent.

My next walk is another local one, this time a circular full morning walk with my son Craig just 5 days later : https://tothehills.wordpress.com/2008/10/05/20080511_cawston-grange-lawford-heath/

I hope you enjoyed my scribblings ….



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