20081019-21_Lake District break – Janets Panorama Photo’s

20081019-21 : Lake District – 3 Day break
When : 19th to 21st October 2008
Who : Me and Janet
Where : The Lake District – England

Whilst in the lakes with my sis’ last month, she played around with her compact digital camera (a Pentax I think) learning how the 2 and 3 shot panorama function worked … Well some worked out just hunky-dory and she’s kindly shared them with me to share with you. [Obviously copyright ultimately belongs with Jan’].

If you click on an image it will launch from my Flickr photostream and you’ll be able to see a description of where it is, etc., etc. and enlarge it … if the fancy takes you. Alternatively, you can right click on the image, and choose from the “open link in new tag” or “open link in new window” options and it should launch accordingly. That way you won’t loose the main blog page.


Sunday 19th Oct : A Grasmere Circular Walk, including :
Grasmere Village ; West/South shore of Grasmere Lake ; Loughrigg Terrace ; Rydal Caves ; Rydal Water ; Rydal Village ; White Moss Common ; Alcock Tarn ; Greenhead Gill ; Return to Grasmere Village.


It’d been grey and overcast for all of the morning, with a few spots of rain and we’d stayed pretty much dry until we reached White Moss Common, when it closed in and started to rain properly. White Moss Common [where these two panorama pic’s were taken] affords some superb views Eastwards over Rydal Water and in the opposite direction over Grasmere. 

This little lump of fellside helps separate the two lakes. To reach the viewpoint we made a detour off the main bridle track between Rydal and Grasmere on a little narrow path rising gently through open scrub/woodland. It would have been easy to ignore the opportunity as it had started to rain, but I’m pleased we made the short detour as it would have be a shame to have missed the views. The route back to the main path was a direct retrace, but that didn’t matter a bit, as it was only about a 5-minute walk or so. This would be a super spot for a picnic given some decent weather as it feel slightly remote an quite intimate at the same time. I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a large deer a short distance away in the woods.

If you just want to just reach this super viewpoint without much distance walked, then my OS map shows there are a couple of car park below just off the A591.

My walks diary = https://tothehills.wordpress.com/2008/12/04/20081019_grasmere-rydal-water-alcock-tarn-circular-walk/


Monday 20th Oct : A Grasmere Circular Walk, including :
Grasmere Village ; Lower part of Easedale ; Helm Crag ; Gibson Knott ; Moment Crag ; Calf Crag ; Far Easedale and waterfalls ; Easedale Tarn ; Sourmilk Gill and waterfalls ; Easedale ; Return to Grasmere Village.

We’d thought about doing a route from the north end of Thirlmere over the Helvellyn ridge and back to Grasmere, but the forecast was for 60+ mph gales, so instead we worked out the above route as it gave a good distance and some reasonable height.  

The day on the whole stayed dry (but was threatening all day) until the last 1/2 mile or so when we got hail ! However, the wind was indeed strong at times, valiantly trying to blow us over, especially on the ridge from Helm Crag to Calf Crag. It nearly suceeded, making both Janet and I stagger around a bit on the more exposed saddles along the ridge.

The heavy rain of the night before had swelled the rivers and this certainly made for some spectacular waterfalls. There were some pretty boggy bits as well, not least approaching the calf crag and Brownrigg Moss areas.

Sourmilk Gill between Easedale Tarn and Grasmere was spectacular, as I had expected. I’ll let the pic’s here tell their own stories, being taken at intervals throughout the day. 

  My walk diary = https://tothehills.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/20081020_grasmere-helm-crag-ridge-easedale-circular-walk/


Tuesday 21st Oct : An Elterwater Circular Walk, including :
Waithwaite Bottom Car Park ; Elterwater Village ; Little Langdale ; Slater Bridge ; Colwith Force ; Skelwith Bridge ; Skelwith Force ; Elter Water Lake ; Return to Elterwater Village and Waithwaite Bottom Car Park.

After an absolutely horrible start to the day, the weather brightened considerably and despite some sharp showers most of the walk was in dry and cold conditions. As the greyness of the two days before departed the views of the fells became sharper and the autumn colours became much more vivid. A good day for walking and I thoroughly enjoyed repeating this low-level route. 

 My walk diary = https://tothehills.wordpress.com/2009/02/08/20081020_elterwater-little-langdale-colwith-force-%e2%80%93-skelwith-force-circular-walk-%e2%80%93-post-1/

Also you can read my intro’ post per https://tothehills.wordpress.com/2008/11/05/20081019-21_lake-district-3-day-break/

Hope you enjoyed my sister’s pic’s.

Just one more thing to add … Thank’s for the photo’s Jan, oh, and thanks for a super 3-days walking … I JUST LURRRVE THE LAKE DISTRICT.



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