Coventry CHA Rambling Club – Weston Upon Trent Walk Cancelled/delayed

Coventry CHA – Weston Upon Trent Walk Cancelled/delayed

Was to be on 8th Feb 2009 .. now on 15th Feb instead.

What a shame, I was due to go out with the Coventry CHA Rambling Club on Sunday … but it’s had to succumb to the snow and icey conditions and it’s been cancelled. It’s a while since I last walked with the Cov-CHA group and was looking forward to Richard’s walk, especially as I’ve never walked in that part of Staffordshire before.

Still it’s only been delayed by a week to the 15th and I can catch up with old friends and walking colleagues then.

Thanks to Brian and Mo for their very efficient notification system.


The Coventry CHA Rambling Club were founded in 1911 and have an active membership enough to justify a programme of Saturday and Sunday walks throughout the year and evening summertime mid-week walks as well. On top of that there are holiday trips in the UK and abroad and Youth Hostel week-ends periodically through the year as well.

The Sunday walks use a coach, allowing leaders to do linear walks if they want. It also means the coach can meet up with the party at lunch times, allowing only morning/afternoon sections to be done if wanted. The coach means the club can get 50+ people into places all over the country.

If you want company on a walk, there could well be a walk on the programme to suit you.

I assume if you’re reading this, then you have access to the world-wide inter-web … so you can use the following link to go to the Cov-CHA web-site :-

There are contact details on their site, which I won’t repeat here as the contact names may change as time passes and AGM elections come and go.

Bye for now … Next post will probably be about my Elterwater circular walk done last October … wow is it really over 3-months ago now ? yep, doesn’t time fly.


One thought on “Coventry CHA Rambling Club – Weston Upon Trent Walk Cancelled/delayed

  1. If you’ve opened up this post to get an update on this CHA walk, I’m sorry, I was unable to go on todays walk…. Unfortunately my wife and little boy have come down with a horrible winter flu-ey, sickness bug thing, and I felt I was needed at home more than enjoying a day walking …. Some things take so much more priority … Still by the end of today (15th Feb) they were showing signs of perking up a bit so maybe my nursing has helped … My sister still went out with the club and says she enjoyed the day out, especially the morning walk.

    I will get out with them again, and have started looking at the programme again relative to other planned family activities, events, etc.

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