20090304_Coventry War Memorial Park Walk – Update

20090304_Coventry War Memorial Park Walk
When : 4th March 2009
Where : Coventry, England

In my previous post I wondered if anyone had any info on the stone pillars and stone carvings in the park. Subsequently I contacted a super website called ” http://www.historiccoventry.co.uk/nowandthen/mem-park.php ” …..

I wrote :- ”

“Dear Rob, I was wondering if you have you any info on the old stone pillars/stone carvings I’ve seen in The Memorial Park ? … They are positioned near the skate board park and line the path heading towards The Cenotaph. They look like they could be part of the old Cathedral ? or did I read somewhere they’re part of the old Coventry Cross ? …… Love browsing your site … I’m only in my 40’s but brings back good childhood memories … totally agree with your comments on what they’ve done to Broadgate! ….”

Rob replied :- I don’t actually have any information about the stone pillars and pinnacles at the Memorial Park, but I know well the pieces to which you refer, and I’ve wondered exactly the same thing as you whenever I’ve passed them!  

Having now looked again at the photos, and compared the park stones with the old cathedral ruins, I’m fairly convinced that the pointed “pinnacle” at the park has been taken from the top of one of the walls of the cathedral ruins.  I suppose going by that, there’s a good chance that the small section of pillar could also be from the same ruins – just a guess though.
Many thanks for the kind comment about my website, and thanks also for linking to it – always appreciated.  I guess we must be a similar age, and probably have quite similar childhood memories too – especially of “good old ” Broadgate.  I won’t climb onto that soapbox now though – it’s hard to get off again!!
Thanks for the link to your Flickr pages too…. you have a great selection of photos on there, and I love the winter ones especially.
I wonder who will know about the stones in the park?  It might be worth trying the Archives perhaps, they have such a huge load of information…. http://www.theherbert.org/index.php/home/history-centre …. Meanwhile, thank you again for writing. Best wishes, Rob”
Again, if anyone has any more definitive info’ on these stones, I’d be interested to update this post.
I guess this post is just a bit of pretty much useless info/conversation really…. but isn’t that part of writing a blog ?… and being human ? Also, I really must get around to wirting up a couple of walks I’ve done this year, I’ve got loads of words in my head, just need to get down to typing/posting.

Ta-Ta for now, Gary

Original post = https://tothehills.wordpress.com/2009/04/04/20090304_coventry-war-memorial-park-walk/


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