20090304_Coventry War Memorial Park Walk – Further Update

I’ve received a bit more info about the old sandstone pillars and pinnacle in the Memorial Park …. it seems that the archive records suggest my thoughts were correct and that they are indeed from the old cathedral. Its easier to copy the email I kindly received from the archivist at the Herbert … so here it is, with many thanks to Robert for his time in researching the answer :-

Dear Gary
Many thanks for your e mail.
I think you are right about the works being from the Old Cathedral – an item in the Herbert’s collection cites the following information:
Ref No: SA/267
Item: Architectural detail: re-sited medieval architectural fragments
Description: Beside a path near the war memorial, Memorial Park, off Kenilworth Road, Coventry
Site: Beside a path near the war memorial.
Notes: Resited pinnacles from St. Michaels.
These were rescued after the 1939-45 war from the severely fire-damaged St. Michaels, Coventry, and re-sited in the park.
I hope this information helps
Best regards, Robert Witts, Coventry History Centre
Robert Witts
Archives Assistant, Coventry Archives, Culture and Leisure, Community Services Directorate, Coventry City Council, John Sinclair House, Canal Basin, Coventry, CV1 4LY, Tel.: 024 76 78 5163, Fax.: 024 76 55 1617.
I suppose that’s about as definitive as it comes …. which means those old bits of stone everyone passes without much of a thought at-all could potentially be hundreds of years old. In a way I think they perhaps deserve a more fitting resting place instead of in the shadow of a concrete skate boarding “arena” …. and no that’s not me starting up a campaign to get them moved.

TTFN, Gary


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