Sorry for so few recent posts

Sorry for so few recent posts.

I’ve lots of words to write (in my head mostly) about several walks I’ve done this year … BUT … I’m struggling against poor internet connectivty, which falls over, goes belly up, doesn’t flippin’ work from about 9:30 every evening. This makes it pretty hard (impossible actually) for me to log on to my blog, flickr, link sites, etc. for reliable uploads, dowloads and any researchy bits I might need to do.

I hope to get some new stuff posted soon (will have to log in before the kids in bed etc .,etc., I suppose)… in the meantime if you do visit my site (if you do then thanks) please be patient.

Cheers, T.T.4.Now, Gary.


20090207_Into Rugby in the Snow

20090207_Into Rugby in the snow

When : 7th February 2009

Who : Me and Craig

Where : From Cawston Grange Estate into Rugby

Maps : 1:25,000 OS. Explorer Map 222, Rugby & Daventry.

Start + End Point : 47,73 Cawston Grange to 503,753

Approx Distance : 2¼ miles, 3½ km
Summary : Cawston Grange, Bilton Village, A4071, Rugby School and William Web Ellis Statue, Rugby Town Centre.

A bit of a flippant post in a walks blog, but “chucked in” to show that given a little bit of time, you don’t have to drive everywhere … AND … kids ARE capable of walking places (with a little encouragement).


It’s also not often we get a decent snow fall, so it was a good to get wrapped up and out in it with my 7-year old Craig. The green areas around Cawston were very picturesque (where we’d also done a bit of sledging, on some of the small slopes in the landscaped areas, earlier in the day).

Bilton Green had a good covering also, and it’s amazing really to think that in just a few weeks time this area would be ablaze with crocuses and snowdrops … To see the transformation please go to :-

Once past Bilton, we followed the main A4071 into town, where the snow wasn’t very deep at-all, and certainly no longer very picturesque. A little over half way, Craig was beginning to flag a bit, especially as the way ahead climbs steadily after passing Lidl … I think walking in the slushy snow had tired Craig a little and he was getting a tad fed-up.

I picked up the pace by playing a game :- There was a man up ahead, walking a dog, maybe 200 yards in front of us, and we tried to reach a pre-determined lamp-post or other such landmark ahead of us, before he reached a different point ahead of him. It was working a dream, the pace quickened; I was clever enough to make it so we “won” each little “race”, but only just! and we were making brilliant progress up the hill, then a minor disaster, just as we were about to “win” again, the gent and dog turned off right and disappeared into their home …. Game over! … until another gent’ passed us moving really quite quickly … and the game commenced again.

This post is also a bit of an excuse to post a few of my pic’s on the Flickr photo hosting site under the guise of Rugby Town as a place …. because …. If you web-search images of “Rugby” you get swamped by pictures of hairy men with funny shaped balls! (Gilbert rugby balls made in Rugby I hope!).

Now I’ve nothing against the game of Rugby, the town gave it its name after all, and I do enjoy watching the game, but there are so many rugby match pictures it’s difficult to get to see any pic’s of the town itself!

A-ha, [do I hear you say?], why don’t you search for images of “Rugby Town” … good idea, I tried it …. It is more successful, but you can get swamped with pictures of Rugby Town Football Club … this time, lots of hairy men with spherically shaped balls! not to mention lots of the Kid’s teams as well, many images courtesy of our local newspapers.




Anyway, I hope my few images help redress the search balance, at least a little, even though my little compact camera struggled with exposures in the snow … still they are images of Rugby.

Just as an aside, The A4071 will soon be downgraded to become the B4500 … The A4071 name will be assigned to the Rugby Western Relief Road (RWRR) when it opens later this year (2009). This little bit of info’ from our local government website,  so I suppose it must be accurate. 

I hope you enjoyed my scribblings ….

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20090101_Daventry Reservoir Circular Walk

20090101_Daventry Reservoir Circular Walk

When : 1st January 2009

Who : Me and Family

Where : Daventry, Northamptonshire,  England

Maps : 1:25000 Explorer Map no.222, Rugby & Daventry

Start + End Point : 577,642

Approx Distance : 2¼ miles, 3½ km

Heights : None

Parking : Car Park off A425, Northern Way.

Public Transport : Don’t know, but residential areas close by so assume busses close by as well.

Summary : A circuit around Daventry Reservoir and Country Park

We decided it’d be a good idea to get out as a family and try to get rid of a few Christmas cobwebs …. It’s so easy to allow yourself to get stuck in front of the tele’ and stupify, especially if the weather is typically grey and uninviting as it tends to be during the Christmas hol’s. Perhaps Christmas ought to be moved to the end of May or the beginning of June, where we’d at least have the chance of some decent weather … No? … oh well it’s not gonna happen anyway, is it?


Well it was very cold, but dry, so we wrapped up and headed off over the border from Rugby in Warwickshire to Daventry in Northamptonshire …. Just a short drive of about 10 miles or so down the A45.

 To the north-east of Daventry (very close to the town centre), is the perfectly descriptive but not very imaginatively named Daventry Reservoir which has a small country park associated with it and allows access to the public to do the full circuit. Writing this post in May, I seem to remember being delighted to find there were no car parking charges for the day, something to do with bank-holidays I think. We’ve visited several times in the past and we normally make the circuit in a clockwise-direction, so just for a change we decided to walk anti-clockwise.


From the far end of the car-park we headed off into an area of woodland on a well made path, the reservoir not far away on our left. In fact, access is all around the lake is excellent, with wooden walkways over boggy areas. I would imagine wheel-chairs could negotiate the circuit, but it’d worth checking that this is so … certainly push-chairs are no problem as we’ve done it before. The country park consists of the wooded area, open grassy fields, an orchard, an area of coppice and at least one small pond which I suppose is probably good to see frogs, damsel flies, etc. later in the year. I’ve found some web pages (below) published by Daventry District Council, but I couldn’t see anything specific to access for the less able.

It was so cold you could almost see it hanging in the atmosphere subduing everything, even the water birds out on the lake seemed notably quiet. Parts of the lake were even frozen over! Quite remarkable in this day and age of milder winters and not something we’ve seen for some years now.

The cold hadn’t deterred quite a few people, virtually all of whom had a cheery hello, happy New Year and a smile from under woolly hats and scarves.


About half way around, where the path gets very close to the waters edge, we stopped (but not for very long) for some cakes and warm drinks that I’d made before leaving home … Coffee for the grown ups and warm orange squash for the kids (the plastic bottles wrapped in silver foil and a tea-towel to keep the heat in).


Wow, it was cold next to the icy water : We didn’t hang around for long and soon pressed on basically right next to the shoreline to pick up the reservoirs quite exposed dam (over ½ km from end to end).

The walk across the top of this brought us to the little and very popular café and a small jetty, where ducks of several varieties (mostly Mallard as per normal), geese and swans were enjoying the feast of bread visitors were throwing in for them, quite a melee in fact.




We left the café (and toilet block) and were soon back at the car park, where we allowed the kids to go on the play ground area for 10 minutes or so … It’s a good little playground area but it was far to cold for any longer, although I think the kids would’ve stayed on the sit-on zip-wire thing for longer given the chance.

The walk is only a short distance, but it was enjoyable despite the onset of frostbite in our fingers, toes and noses (slight exaggeration there I’m afraid) and it made the cosiness of home so nice when we got back … perfect for a big bowl of home made thick and creamy turkey broth that I’d made earlier in the holidays.

I hope you enjoyed my scribblings ….

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