20090404_Evening Wander-Brixham Harbour

20090404_Evening Wander-Brixham Harbour

When : 4th April 2009

Who : Me and my Family

Where : Brixham, Devon, England

Map Used : OS 1:25,000 Pathfinder Series sheet SX85/95 (quite old now)

Start + End Point : 917,558

Approx Distance : around about 2 miles, (3.5 km)

Heights : None

Parking : We parked at our guest house, but there is parking in Brixham.

Summary : A stroll down to the harbour, Dinner in a Fish Restaurant, A mini explore of the harbour area, stroll back to digs.


We’d arrived at our Bed and Breakfast guest house after a quite uneventful trip down from the Midlands. The main talking point was when some friends who only live about 4 miles or so from us just outside Rugby, passed us on the M5 somewhere in Somerset. We only realised when a head appeared from the front passenger window, closely followed by an arm waving back at us as they over-took us, their people carrier so much faster than our little (roof-rack laden) Fiat Punto. It turned out that our friends were holidaying in Devon as well as us, albeit in a different area to us.

A flurry of mobile phone text messages later and we’d arrange to meet them at Exeter Services to share a coffee [thanks Derek] and a chat, a welcome relief from the tedium that M-way travel can induce. We resolved to try to meet up during the week, maybe to do a walk and/or a spot of climbing on Dartmoor, weather Permitting! In the end that didn’t actually happen, but we did meet up at the Donkey Sanctuary just outside Sidmouth on the following Friday (an enjoyable detour on our way home) … there’s a much, much longer story that could be told about this, but really it’s not for now.

Anyway, that’s by the way really, other than we arrived at our guest house in Brixham in good time and we decided to search out a restaurant down by the harbour during the evening, hopefully serving nice locally caught fish.


The guest house, The Melville (found on the internet : http://www.themelville.co.uk/ ) is directly on the A3022 New Road into Brixham and is easily less than a mile from the harbour, so once we’d settled in, we took a stroll down to the front where we found our bearings walking around the quayside and we eventually settled on Beamers Seafood Restaurant for dinner (or should that be supper as it was quite late in the evening) .



I was easily persuaded to try the Octopus as a starter by the others in my family [a culinary first for me] … Katie and Justine then surprised me by trying some small morsels themselves, although it was left to me to eat the majority of the dish. Well, now that I’ve done that, I don’t feel the need to do it again. 

We were given a table by a window (on the first floor) …. The views out over the harbour kept drawing our gaze, the slowly setting sun lighting up the rows of buildings across the haven delightfully, especially contrasting against the deepening shadows as evening drew in.


After a nice main meal, including Monk Fish for Craig [another first], and a platter of 3-types of flat fish for me [Plaice, Lemon Sole and Dover Sole], we headed off for another wander along the quayside sussing out where the best crabbing points might be.

We especially liked the coloured lighting mirrored in the harbour water and I played with various settings on my camera to try and capture the scene.


We then headed back to our “digs” for a good nights rest ready for the following morning and whatever we might choose to do … catching shore crabs off the harbour wall probably.

I hope you enjoyed my scribblings ….

Next walk = 20090405_A before breakfast walk in Brixham


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