Coventry War Memorial Park – Perimeter Distance

I’ve noticed quite a few times that people have found my blog posts by google-ing (or other such internet searches) by asking how far is it around the perimeter of Coventry’s War Memorial park …

Well I’m sorry that my previous posts didn’t have that info; …. but as it’s been asked several times now …. It’s 1.6 miles.


How do I know this?, ’cause I’ve just lifted the following little snippett of info’ from a .gov website …. I don’t feel I can argue what the city council has published, I imagine it’s as accurate as anyone’s gonna publish :-

“Approximately 48.5 hectares in size, the park consists of two distinct areas, the formal garden with the War Memorial and the sports facilities areas with playing fields, golf course, Splash ‘n’ Play Park and play areas. There is also a 1.6 mile circular footpath around the park.”


If you want more of this kind of formal information, the web-site I found where the above paragraph was taken from =


If you just want to see what the park is like (in the spring), please go see my earlier post ….



If you want just pictures … then I can suggest the “Flickr” photo hosting website (it’s where I blog my pic’s from) then the following link should work just fine :

I hope that helps,

Oh, and if you want to visit my other walks diaries, please do so, you’re very welcome.

T.T.F.N, I hope you enjoy my scribblings, Gary.


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