20090405_A Morning by Brixham Harbour

20090405_A Morning by Brixham Harbour

When : 5th April 2009

Who : Me and my family

Where : Brixham, Devon, England

Parking : We were parked at our guest house (The Melville) but there is parking in Brixham

Summary : A relaxing few hours, mainly crabbing or taking photos.

I know this post isn’t describing a walk; so what’s it’s doing in my walks diary? you could legitimately ask …. Well, good question, but first and foremost, and in the nicest possible way, “it’s my blog and I’ve just changed the rules for a moment, so please bear with me”.


Following my very early dawn walk with Craig (see earlier diary post), and a hearty breakfast, we all walked back down to the harbour in Brixham, leaving the car (parked prettily), in front of the guest house. Whilst walking down the pedestrianised shopping street, I picked up a packet of bacon from one of the small supermarkets, whilst the rest of my family went in search of a large sand-castle type of bucket (without the spade) and some crabbing lines; “watch out crabs, here we come” was basically the plan for the next few hours.

There-onwards the morning was spent at the far end of one of the inner harbour walls perching ourselves on a set of broad steps down to the water, kind of mid-way between the inner harbour and the marina, and backing onto where the fishing boats off-load their catch.

The tide was on the rise, perfect for crabbing. Once set up, Justine and the kids settled down to catch as many as they could ….

I say catch, but really the crabs just let themselves be hauled out of the water, they haven’t got the sense to just let go of the chunky bacon tit-bits attached to the hooks, their hunger obviously over-riding any fear of being caught (and I suppose potentially eaten). 

Well, crabbings not really my thing and I soon got a bit bored, but the kids love it; the crabs don’t really come to any harm; and they get a free meal along the way.

I stayed fairly close to lend a hand with picking up the crabs for a closer look (I am a brave Daddy!) or to help Justine untangle lines, etc. However, I did take myself off for a stroll around the immediate vicinity, to take some photo’s. 


The surrounding quayside, working and pleasure craft, the marina, lobster pots, etc., giving a host of potential subjects, and this my reader-friends is the point of this post … I so liked some of my pic’s, I thought I’d share them with a larger audience … Maybe a tad big-headed, but hey isn’t blogging about sharing thoughts and experiences and dare I say it, maybe showing off just a little?!

That’s about it really, except to say Brixham is a super place to be, especially if the sun’s shining and you’ve got the time to just relax, do pretty much nothing and enjoy the comings and goings of a proper, bustling, traditional fishing port that has managed to stay alive, and maybe (looking at the marina) prosper, even with the decline of the fishing industry.


Now, the afternoon became a bit more energetic, (just a bit), because we did go for a walk, well, stroll really onto Berry Head, and I’ll write a post for that next.

I hope you enjoyed my scribblings ….

Next walk = 20090405_Afternoon Walk onto Berry Head


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