Comment about warwickshire paths

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Tel : 01926-413427

Email :

I guess these contacts will predominantly be used to report problems of blocked paths and bridle ways etc. …. If you have problems, it would help get them resolved for future walkers … perhaps it’s easier to just say “I shan’t go that way again”, but if you do nothing, the problem will only get worse so put pen to paper, pick up the phone, type an email and help the rights of way teams do their jobs and improve access across our countryside.

Sorry bit of a soap-box moment, but if we do nothing we’ll be danger of loosing our lowland paths network and that would be wrong!!!

I know that the County Council team is doing sterling work improving our local paths network, replacing worn out stiles, waymarking, etc., etc. but any info of the state of the paths would be welcomed by them.

Cheers for now, Gary.


4 thoughts on “Comment about warwickshire paths

  1. Thanks for commenting James …. that’s one of the reasons I posted the pic’ on Flickr and blogged it as well … I’d struggled to find how to report some “bad” paths in the past, so I thought posting this page might help someone else search for how to contact the countryside access team.
    Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

  2. Tried to follow Centenary Way from Ryton to Wolston. Very poor or no signing, especially through Ryton and the underpass. Awful section alongside busyA45 then path terribly overgrown and not signed till along river near Wolston. The farmer has made no effort to keep path clear. As soon as we could we used the fisherman’s path along the river but this is not strictly the right of way. Suggest this route needs revising, it was more endurance test than pleasant walk till we reached the river!

  3. Hi Julia,
    Sorry to hear you had difficulties here, if you read my walk diary [ ] I did this section in the reverse direction and it was by far the worst signed and worst area to cross due to the farmer not instigating a proper path. My blog post mentioned this as well and it seems the situation hasn’t changed since Oct-2010 …. It annoys me as well and I certainly sympathise …. perhaps you could report your comments to Wawickshire Footpaths authorities at or phone 01926-413427 ….. Giving grid ref.s and detailed descriptions of your difficulties would aid them considerably. I’ll also add your comments to my walk diary.
    Regards, Gary

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