20090417-19_Bamford Rocks – Open Access Information

20090417-19_Bamford Rocks – Open Access Information

When : 17th – 19th April 2009

Where : Hope Valley, Derbyshire, Peak District, England.

Maps : 1:25000 OS Explorer Map OL1 – The Peak District-Dark Peak Area.

Whilst planning/researching potential walks for the week-end, I contacted The Ranger Service for The Peak National Park. I knew the week-end’s climbing sessions were to take place on Bamford Edge, but I wanted further information about walking routes around here and if access was allowed to the surrounding moorland. In the end I didn’t really use the info I got back to any great extent, but I thought I would share the info’ I got back, so with no further pre-amble, the answer I received is :-

Hello, thanks for your enquiry.

Although you are correct in your understanding that Bamford Edge is covered by the CROW Act, the landowner has exercised his discretion to close the access land on week days and some weekend days between 15th May and 17th June. You won’t be able to access the edge during that time. With regard to the Access points you can walk right along the edge (outside this closure period), from the access points at Cutthroat Bridge (SK215874 ), Hetherdene Car Park, ( at SK 205860 ) and the southern end of the edge on New Road (SK216839). There is a fairly clear path along the edge, but you’d better take a map to be on the safe side …..


The following link was supplied for further Peak District info. And as it’s got a .gov.uk ending I guess it’s gonna be as accurate if not more so than any other web-site :- www.peakdistrict.gov.uk

As a final comment ….

PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS ACCESS LAND ONLY, GRANTED UNDER NEW LEGISLATION … There are no official rights of way onto Bamford Edge or across Bamford Moor, save for one path running north from near Leeside Road/Bamford Clough across Moscar Moor to rise up to the northern reaches of Stanage Edge. If you do use the new access rules, please respect the land and the rights of the landowners. Use your hard-won rights properly and hopefully goodwill might break out all over our fantastic and diverse country.


Walks done during this weekend =





Next walk after these 3 outings = 20090508_Park Wood-Bluebells Walk With Dad.


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