20090417-19_Peak District Weekend – Accommodation

20090417-19_Peak District Weekend – Accommodation

When : 17th to 19th April 2009

Who : A group of young people on an outdoor activities weekend including me helping out with adult leadership and supervision.

Where : Hope Valley, Derbyshire, Peak District, England.

I was asked to help out with adult supervision and leadership of a couple or three walks for some young people from a local youth group. For more info see my associated posts for an overview of the week-end and the walks I helped lead.

On the Friday evening, we travelled up to Hope in the Derbyshire Peak district in three mini-buses and a car … all absolutely packed to the gunnels with people, people’s kit, climbing stuff, food and a load of mountain bikes lashed to the roof-rack of one the buses.

We stayed at PINDALE FARM OUTDOOR CENTRE, where their sign says “ACCOMMODATION FOR THE OUTDOORS  BUNKHOUSE  B&B  CAMPING” and to misquote that rather annoying Ronseal advert, it does exactly what it says on the sign.

We found the campsite quite easily and we unloaded into the 3-bunk-rooms that had been booked in advance. Each room had basic (very basic) cooking and washing up facilities, a large table for meals, a shower and a huge bunk-bed construction with just mattresses supplied. There was metered electricity “fed” by tokens obtained from the proprietors.

As I said above, it was basic, but perfectly fine for our needs and the youthful element of our party were soon making themselves at home, spreading sleeping bags out etc. …

It’s amazing how quickly a neat, almost empty, room can look like a bomb has dropped in just a matter of minutes! …. and even more amazing how it could happen in three rooms almost simultaneously.

There were a fair few people camping at the site as well, and from a distance the ground looked fairly level and grassy.

It was quite surreal seeing the array of tents positioned so closely under the main chimney and processing plant of the Hope Cement Works, a VERY close neighbour to the campsite; literally no more than a couple of hundred yards away on the other side of a strip of trees on an earthen bank.


Anyway, enough of that … if you want some more info’ about the camp site + accommodation, I found the following web site, which I hope may be of use; please note, it is someone else’s web-site so I can’t verify the info’ although it does ring-true relative to our stay … http://www.independenthostelguide.com/selected-accommodation.php?area=72

There are a plethora of other sites that listed on the web when I googled “Pindale Farm”. Pages upon pages of links appeared with reviews, maps on how to get there, etc., etc., etc., so I don’t really need to give any more details here.     

Bye for Now, Gary.

I hope you enjoyed my scribblings ….


Next walk after this week-end = 20090508_Park Wood-Bluebells Walk With Dad.


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