20090417-19_Peak District Weekend – An Overview

20090417-19_Peak District Weekend – An Overview

When : 17th to 19th April 2009

Who : A group of young people on an outdoor activities weekend including me helping out with adult leadership and supervision.

Where : Hope Valley, Derbyshire, Peak District, England.

I was asked to help out with adult supervision and leadership of a couple or three walks for some young people from a local youth group (for want of a better description). I’ll not be any more specific than that, as to who they are, where they meet, etc., besides it’s not overly relevant to the walks anyway. You’ll also note that none of the attached photo’s in the following posts shows any of the young people …. This is purely down to not having specific permissions from any of their parents/guardians etc., but again, that shouldn’t make any difference to my walks writings, and the scenery walked through is quite superb without pic’s of people getting in the way.

The week-end was to consist of three activities: – Off Road Cycling, Rock Climbing and a bit of Hill Walking.

These were to be spread over three sessions: – Sat-Morning, Sat-Afternoon and Sun-Morning, and three groups were organised to rotate around the activities … Simple.

As it happened, I ended up doing the same walk twice, with the two youngest groups on the Sat and Sun mornings. However, the older group had enough leaders amongst themselves and they decided they didn’t need my services, nor that of another adult helper …. so, we two extraneous chaps set off to do a walk just by ourselves on the Saturday afternoon. I could have tried to combine the three walks, as it could be written as a single linear route … however I’ve decided to keep it simple and write-up the walks just as I did them, as three separate stand alone posts. Each of the walks could be used as the basis of a circular quite easily.

Walk-1 … 20090418-Morning Walk – The Mam Tor Ridge.

Including :- Mam Tor, Hollins Cross, Back Tor, Lose Hill (Ward’s Piece), Castleton, Pindale Farm Camp Site (near Hope Cement Works).



Walk-2 … 20090418-Afternoon Walk – Win Hill.

 Including :- Pindale Farm Camp Site (near Hope Cement Works), Hope Village, Twitchill Farm, Win Hill, Winhill Plantation + Parkin Clough, Derwent Valley + Ladybower Reservoir Dam, Bamford Edge.



Walk-3 … 20090419-Morning Walk – The Mam Tor Ridge.

 Including :- Mam Tor, Hollins Cross, Back Tor, Lose Hill (Ward’s Piece), Castleton, Pindale Farm Camp Site (near Hope Cement Works) … (A reprise of Walk-1)


If you’re wondering about where we stayed; it was at Pindale Farm Outdoor Centre/Campsite, where we used the bunk-barn accommodation.

For more info see my associated post.


Anyway, enough of the pre-amble …. except to say that the three mini-buses were full of well behaved, polite, intelligent, switched on and very able teenagers; the complete opposite of everything the media would have you believe of “our youth of today”.  I guess the good things in society will never get reported the way the bad does.

Just so you’re under no illusions, we’ve got super young people in our country, we ought to celebrate that more often!

I hope you enjoyed my scribblings ….

Next walk after these 3 outings = 20090508_Park Wood-Bluebells Walk With Dad.


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