20090805-04_Herbs for Sale – Church Street, Lacock

Several cottages put out plant cuttings, cut flowers or vegetables for sale. Normally a very minimum amount with an honesty box for payments. This cottage in particular seems to have “specialised” in herb plantlets, this year different flavoured mints.

Church Street is featured in Cranford which we only really watch every now and again to see if we can spot the various places, as well as other locations in Lacock.

Other film and TV programmes have used the village as well such as Pride and Prejudice, Tom Browns School Days, Antiques Roadshow Tiltle Sequences, Harry Potter, The Dinosaur Hunters etc. …. Once you’ve visited you’ll see why, it’s like stepping back in time.

This wall in Church Street (but minus the herbs) is where Dame Judi Dench was often filmed in Cranford talking with her neighbours … her character “resided” in the cottage here.

We bought a few different flavoured mints last August (including a chocolate mint) when on hol’s in the village, I hope they’ve survived the winter …. Hopefully they’ll have made good enough root systems during the autumn to get them through what’s been a pretty hard winter … Still, spring’s just around the corner and we’ll soon find out I’m sure.

TTFN. Gary.


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