20090806_A Visit to Castle Combe Circuit

20090806_A Visit to Castle Combe Circuit

When : 6th August 2009

Who : Me and my family

Where : Castle Combe Circuit, Near Chippenham, Wiltshire, England

Maps : 1:25,000 OS. Explorer Map No.156, Chippenham & Bradford-On-Avon ….. Grid ref : 849, 767

Summary : An impromptu visit to Castle Combe Circuit during a practice session.

Not really a “Country Walks” type of diary entry this, but I was on my way to walk a section of The Macmillan Way (Castle Combe Village, Slaughterford, The By Brook Valley and finally to Biddestone), so I’m writing this just as a bit of added interest … hopefully you’ll find it enhances rather than detracts from my walks diaries.

Some of you reading this may already know of the picturesque village of Castle Combe which has been described as the prettiest village in England, but you may not know that there is a motor-sports racing circuit less than half-a-mile away (as the crow flies). Of course, on the other hand, there may be others that know all about the racing that have no idea about the village that lends its name to the circuit tucked away in the valley below.



Well, I fit more into the earlier category, I don’t know much about motor racing, although I was aware, just from sign-posts around about, that some sort of racing went on here but not knowing to what extent.

Well whilst driving up a country lane from Giddeahall and West Yatton Towards Castle Combe Village, my family and I had to pass the western fringe of Castle Combe Circuit and we became aware that there was some activity on the track. As there was nobody on the roads it was safe to assume it wasn’t a full blown meet. So, upon reaching one of the entrances we pulled in and found that we could access one of the spectator earth banks, where we positioned ourselves on the wooden railing quite close to the track watching a varied group of touring cars zooming around the circuit. They were obviously practice laps and it certainly held our attention for a good while, maybe the best part of half-an-hour. Our 13 year old daughter was probably the least interested, 7 year old son probably the most taken with the sights and I quite enjoyed playing with my camera trying to get some reasonably sharp images of the cars with blurry backgrounds to indicate how fast they were going … a bit of fun!



Anyway, that’s about it really apart to say that’s what we did and I hope you like the pic’s I’ve shown. In fact, as I know virtually nothing about racing, if anyone can add a brief comment about what sorts of cars they are, the teams or drivers then please do. You can do this several ways :-

1) Using the “Leave a reply” comments box at the end of this post.

2) Using the “Leave a reply” box in the “Contact Me” tab on my Home Page.

3) Using the email address from the “Contact Me” tab.

4) Clicking on the individual Photo to open my Flickr page and leave a comment in the box there.

Anyway, that really is about it. TTFN, Gary.

Next walk = 20090806_Castle Combe-Biddestone Walk_Macmillan Way

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