20090819_Coventry War Memorial Park Perimeter Walk

20090819_Coventry War Memorial Park Perimeter Walk

When : 19th August 2009

Who : Just Me

Where : War Memorial Park, Earlsdon, Coventry

Start + End Point : Small Car Park off The Leamington Road, quite near the junction with the Kenilworth Road/Warwick Road traffic lights

Approx Distance : 1.6 miles, (2.6 km)

Heights : None to speak of.

Parking : As an alternative I could have used a small car park on Coat of Arms Bridge Road or the main car park off the Kenilworth Road.

Public Transport : The main Car Park also doubles as a park and ride, with a bus service into Coventry City Centre and which also passes by Coventry Rail station. It’s walkable from the Rail Station as well (along the Warwick Road) passing the striking building of King Henry VIII school and some nicely kept gardens after passing Spencer Road.

Summary : A lunch time walk just to get out of the office as it was a nice sunny afternoon … a rarity during the summer of 2009 !!!

The summary just about says it all really. 2009 had been a pretty poor year, and as this afternoon looked quite nice weather-wise and I was getting a tad stressed out at work, I decided a lunch time “blast” around the park would be a good idea.




Some exercise and a drop of sunshine on your back can work wonders on your state of mind. I get an hour for lunch, and it takes about 15 minutes (20 min’s tops) for the drive to/from the park so this gives about 20-30 minutes at the park –  just about enough time for a quickish walk around the full perimeter path, taking in the rose garden and more formal avenues of trees around the Cenotaph area, then passing the pitch and putt golf course to reach the Coat of Arms Bridge Road Car Park. The council have recently added a new tarmac path from here to fully skirt the wide open spaces of the sports pitches; right the way up to a narrow strip of woodland separating the park from the road here.

This path swings around to reach the main Kenilworth road car park and the Park and Ride Bus stop.



The brick work here has stood up quite well to the turning buses, and I wonder how many people have noticed that the two-tone paving is a stylized picture of the memorial cenotaph which can be glimpsed across the park in the distance.  


From the car park the path then heads back to the more formal areas including the bowling greens, cafe, tennis courts and kiddies playgrounds before returning to the area around the cenotaph once more.

The route describes a clockwise circuit around the park, which for some reason is the way I generally end up going … I don’t know why – it just is (I’m sure there must be a scientific/psychological explanation why) … and that’s about it really other than to say the park was being extremely well used (middle of the school summer hol’s) especially near the Kids playground with a lovely summery vibrant (noisy) feel around the place. I particularly liked the relatively new wire statue of Lady Godiva on horseback in amongst a flower bed of Cosmos and other summer bedding close to the cafe.

One downer of the circuit though, was when I passed the top of what was once a lovely rockery hollow … there used to be a little stream that cascaded down through a mini dell of azaleas and the like … I’ve good memories of this as a child. The remains of the cascade are still visible after many years of neglect and now look a tad scruffy and rather sad compared to how it once was. It’d be nice if the council could do some work to return it to its former glories, although I will admit the area here is looking a bit better overall than a few years ago when it looked absolutely terrible! It could still be so much better though.

I also remember throughout the park there were many more flower beds than there are now, but those that remain were very good looking – very traditional annual bedding with geraniums etc.

Once back to the car, I drove back to work for the last few hours of the afternoon – urghhh!!!, never an easy thing to do when the sun’s been shining on your back! …. I’m was initially writing this diary back in Feb-2010 when it was snowing outside, it was grey, cold and particularly miserable, now it’s April and it’s not really been much better since then …. oh to be able to spend ½ an hour without a coat on having a walk in the park …. still, spring should be just around the corner, so maybe soon! and if you can believe the forecasters maybe this week-end could be the best of the year so far.

I hope you enjoyed my scribbling, and pic’s ….

Next walk = 20090821_Cawston Grange Evening walk.

Some external links I’ve found follow which may be of interest, The council stuff is obviously good for logistical info but I like the “Coventry Now and Then” site for a window into the past  :-








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