20090821_Cawston Grange – Evening Walk

20090821_Cawston Grange – Evening Walk

When : 21st August 2009

Who : Me and my daughter Katie

Where : Cawston, Rugby, Warwickshire

Approx Distance : couple of miles maybe – if that

Heights : nothing significant

Summary : An evening wander near where we live.

It was a reasonable evening weather-wise, despite some stormy looking clouds threatening once again. Reasonable weather is really saying something for the summer of 2009! ; I can’t remember once eating al-fresco or sitting outside in the garden with a drink in the evening at-all last summer. So, I decided to take advantage and head out for a bit of a wander with my camera with the hope of a half decent sunset over the farmland of Lawford Heath. My daughter Katie surprised me by saying she’d join me, which was nice. It’s a bit of a wet word “nice” and we often tell the kids to think of better words when doing homework, but in this instance “nice” just about sums it up, well, errmm, nicely.

We didn’t really know how far we’d get, or how long we’d be out for, but we headed out on the footpaths around the edge of the Cawston Grange estate where we live. Chatting and playing silly games like skipping along arm in arm. What a sight we must have made, with girly Katie contrasting against the big lump of me, 6’-4” tall And 16+ stone, careering down the path together. For any Americans reading this, you’ll know what 6’-4” is but 16st = 224 lbs. For any Europeans 6’-4” height = 1.93 metres and 16st weight = approx 102 kg so this’ll give an indication of how big a lump I am, especially to be skipping down a footpath barely two people wide!!!

After a while, we climbed a bank of the old disused railway that runs alongside the western fringe of the housing estate. This is a fantastic green corridor which has naturalised over the years since the railway was dismantled and is now home to numerous rabbit burrows, a few badger sets and I’m sure a whole bunch of other wild-life to-boot. You can follow the route a little further to the north and quite a long way southwards, where a section has been “done-up” as part of the Sustrans cycle network. Be warned though; around the Cawston area it can get very muddy in places, and in places quite overgrown with brambles, nettles and wild roses at times also. Ladies, it’s certainly not a place to walk in high heels and I now think twice about walking in shorts along the old track bed. Every now and then, from the old railway bed, you can get a good view of the new Rugby Western Relief Road (currently nearing completion) which runs more or less parallel here all the way to Potfords dam.

Way beyond the new road the sun was setting over to the west, silhouetting a line of trees on the horizon and enhancing the stormy look of the clouds. Katie particularly liked the wedges of gulls flying south towards Draycote water. She took at stack of photo’s trying to capture their flight south. I’m not sure if the collective noun is strictly correct (wedge of swans or wedge of geese I know) but a wedge of gulls does describe the flying-V shapes they made as they passed by high above.

It was now starting to get a little on the dark side of light, and seeing where we were putting our feet on the old railway was becoming almost impossible, so we made our way back into the estate footpaths to head off home.


This gave the opportunity to play at taking long exposure shots of the street lights lining the pathways …. a bit of fun even though I really didn’t know what I was technically doing. Still, I quite liked some of the results …. and then …. we were home.  A lovely hour or so with a lovely daughter.

I hope you enjoyed my scribblings and my pic’s ….

Next walk = 20090823_Long Lawford – Newbold Circular Walk


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