20100429_Thanks readers – Another new best monthly stat’s

Well I guess the title says it all …….. Thanks to everyone who’s dipped in and found my walks diary posts …. especially those who’ve left a comment. Well April’s total views has exceded the previous best monthly total, and there’s still a day to go !!! thats 3 record months on the trot …. yeah, I know in terms of the blogosphere, I get (lets face it) very modest daily totals …. but I’m writing about a fairly niche subject (country walking in England, and mostly around Rugby in Warwickshire) and I’m not casting views on the last speech by the president of the US of A or the latest Prime Ministerial Debate on the BBC but that’s not my thing! at least not when I’m blogging and I’m certainly not musing on the latest celebrity publicity shot or gaff or whatever …. Still, for those that are finding my stuff, I hope you’re all enjoying my scribblings.


Ps : If you’re waiting to see the pic’s to be added to the last walks diary … they’ve gotten a step closer coz I’ve just uploaded to my Flickr account …. please go see at http://www.flickr.com/photos/tothehillsatymail/ … if you want. cheers again Gary.

Pics now added to the Long Lawford / Newbold on Avon walk …. but you can still go to the flickr site using the link above … or click on the photo’s themselve and it should launch directly from there. … Gary 


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