Workday 20th June 2010 (via Cawston Greenway’s Blog)

Anyone with an interest in country walking/rambling near Rugby, Warwickshire, might get something out of this site … who knows you might even want to get involved in creating the Cawston Greenway. There’s also some walk routes/descriptions on their site if you need a little inspiration and they nicely tie-in with some of my local walks as well … just go to the “W01_Cov, Warks + Close By” Category.

Workday 20th June 2010 Howdy! Next workday is Sunday 20th June 1pm to 3pm. Really just a bit of litter picking and general maintenance for now. However, come September and the real work starts. In my mind’s eye (with inspiration and pics from BTCV)…. We need to cut back the trees and scrub to make a three metre wide path. Ideally this needs to be curving from left to right in gentle arcs to stop any wind-tunnel effect that we might get if we have a straight run, and … Read More

via Cawston Greenway’s Blog


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