20090828_A Dawn Explore of Boggle Hole Beach

20090828_Dawn Explore of Boggle Hole Beach

When : 28th August 2009

Who : Me and Craig

Where : Boggle Hole Youth Hostel, Robin Hoods Bay, Between Scarborough and Whitby on the North Yorkshire / North Sea Coast.

Map : OS Outdoor Leisure Map no.27 North York Moors Eastern Area.

Grid Ref : 955,041

Summary : A wander down to the sea edge whilst most sane people were still tucked up in bed.

We try to get at least one short break away during the year at a youth hostel and we’d chosen Boggle Hole on the north sea coast for this trip as we hadn’t been that way as a family before and it would allow some beach time for the kids and an opportunity for a bit of coastal walking (and maybe some on the moors as well). As normal, all four of us were sharing a family dorm’ in the youth hostel annexe. We’d tried to black out the windows as much as possible (by adding a couple of blankets in front of the rather thin looking curtains) but as the dawn began to break, my son Craig began to stir …. Craig has always been an early riser (any time from 5am hasn’t been unusual) so rather than him disturbing his Mum and his sister in the confined space of the dorm’, I quickly got him dressed (over his jim-jams as it happens) and we set off to see what could be seen down on the beach, I grabbed my camera on the way out of the room.

Boggle Hole Youth Hostel, (an old mill building) is situated in a fantastic setting, nestling at the foot of a deep valley just as it opens up right onto the beach. The small stream running out onto the beach is tidal almost completely up to the front door of the hostel. We were lucky; the tide was out, allowing access right out onto the beach past a lot of rather smelly seaweed, so that we could look north to Robin Hoods Bay Village and south to the promontory with Ravenscar perched on top.

Whilst the views both to the north and south were great, our gaze was constantly pulled to look straight out to sea to where the sun was rising over the North Sea horizon. There was almost a glow to everything the light touched – absolutely beautiful – There was a little chill in the air as you’d expect so early in the day, but not so much to stop us exploring around the beach area which is a mix of sand and gnarly flat rock slabs running at angles out into the bay.

Although not huge in size these rock slabs are a great example of a “wave cut platform” formed as the rather unstable cliffs are eroded back into the land, the sea seemingly wanting more and more room for its self. I think it’s remarkable how some things from school lessons get engrained in the mind, never to leave you, whilst other subjects disappear in next to no time. In my case physical geography stuff has always “stuck”, hence the little bit of knowledge about wave cut platforms mentioned above and ox-bow lakes in my earlier post on my Lacock circular walk … Just don’t ask me to speak French!!!

Apart from looking at my pic’s there’s not much to tell really, just that we enjoyed our wander, not that we went far, maybe ¼ of a mile in each direction? Before returning back to the hostel, enthused and wide awake for the rest of the day …. whatever that was going to entail – yet to be discussed over breakfast.

I hope you enjoyed my scribblings and pic’s and I hope that you’ll take a look-see at my following posts when done

Next walk : 20090828_Boggle Hole-Coast Path-Ravenscar and Robin Hoods Bay Walk


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