20090829_A 2nd Dawn Explore on Boggle Hole Beach

20090829_A 2nd Dawn Explore on Boggle Hole Beach

When : 29th August 2009

Who : Just Me

Where : Boggle Hole Youth Hostel, Robin Hoods Bay, Between Scarborough and Whitby on the North Yorkshire / North Sea Coast.

Map : OS Outdoor Leisure Map no.27 North York Moors Eastern Area.

Grid Ref : 955,041

Summary : Another wander down to the sea edge with my camera to experiment with some dawn photography.

Considering the summer had been pretty much abysmal during 2009, this long week-end was turning out to be quite good, with some settled, dry and at times sunny weather. Even though Craig hadn’t woken very early this morning (we must have tired him out the day before) I myself was wide awake very early again. So, rather than snooze for another hour or so, I decided to go for another wander on the beach, long before most other people would be stirring.


As before, apart from looking at my pic’s there’s not much more to tell. Just that I felt quite privileged to witness another beautiful sunrise over the North Sea .. superb!!! … so I’ll just stop typing and hope you like my pic’s.


I hope you enjoyed my scribbling.

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2 thoughts on “20090829_A 2nd Dawn Explore on Boggle Hole Beach

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