20090831_A 3rd Dawn Explore on Boggle Hole Beach

20090831_A 3rd Dawn Explore on Boggle Hole Beach

When : 31st August 2009

Who : Just Me

Where : Boggle Hole Youth Hostel, Robin Hoods Bay, Between Scarborough and Whitby on the North Yorkshire / North Sea Coast.

Map : OS Outdoor Leisure Map no.27 North York Moors Eastern Area.

Grid Ref : 955,041

Summary : A final wander down to the sea edge with my camera as it was yet another superb morning to wake up to. A super start to a birthday!

If you’ve already read my other two diaries about my wanders on the Beach at dawn then this might seem just a tad repetitive, but I’m definitely not sorry ‘cause the early mornings just before and after sunrise were just soooo magical. I don’t normally wake up before 5am but it was a pleasure to do so on this long weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed having an hour or so to myself, to have a “play” with my camera …. Even if it meant having to dress VERY quietly in the youth hostel dorm’, and tip-toe past all the other dorm’s in the annexe.

Each morning was subtly different from the previous one, slightly differing cloud cover and intensity of colours, but the common factor was the peacefulness and beauty of the sun rising over the North Sea horizon. Another difference today, was a lone figure of a fisherman casting his line out into the sea from one of the long, low and very flat wave cut rock platforms that protrude out into the sea, remnants of the base of the cliffs still being eroded here. His dog sat patiently, or wandered back and forth nearby, seemingly quite happy to be there with his master. Their silhouettes against the sparkling waters and sky enhancing the scene rather than detracting from it … They kind of put a human scale to the views across the bay.

This final day of our short break also happily coincided with it being my birthday and what a way to celebrate with a paddle in the sea. The chilly waters almost hurt at first until my feet and toes got used to it (or numbed to the point of being anaesthetised to the cold). It was also another chance to try and capture some half-decent images with the beach almost completely to myself. I tried to spend some time composing my pic’s as well as possible, looking for different angles and patterns in the sand and rocks, reflections in the rock pools, light dancing on the waters or on the seaweed, etc. So, once again, the rest of this diary is really to “show off” some of my (very amateurish) pic’s and say that all the photographic books that talk about “The Golden Hour” really are right, the light was just wonderful, whether you’d want to take photo’s or just stand and stare at the scene … and I did both!

I wandered just a little further this time, maybe ½ mile down the coast to Stoupe Beck Sands and back again, taking care not to get too close to the cliffs as lumps have a habit of falling off …. in fact I could hear little groans and cracks as the sun warmed the sheer slopes and occasionally the sound of little bits of earth and stones rolling and clattering down to the singles below. If you visit, don’t sit with a picnic directly at the base of the cliffs – You have been warned !!! – And definitely do not try to climb on them!!!


Once back in the hostel dorm’ I rejoined my family who were beginning to rise, and it wasn’t long before they’d handed me a birthday card and a few presents … Several pairs of new walking socks (thin and thick) which are always very welcome and a Coventry City FC T-shirt …. Dark blue rather than the sky blue you might have expected, with one of the best crests in the country embroidered on the front, perfect for any forthcoming trips up to the Ricoh for the season just started … Come on you sky Blues!

Then it was a nice cup of tea, breakfast, and another nice cup of tea and the not so nice packing of bags to go home. This was aided by the kids heading down to the common room to watch kids-TV. Then it was the hassle of loading the car up for the journey home …. On the way, as the weather was just too nice to waste, we stopped off for a very short wander up on the moors in the heather and a visit to Staintondale Shire Horse Farm [especially for our daughter who just loves horses] which is positioned just north of Scarborough.

I hope you enjoyed my scribblings and pic’s ….

Next walk ….. 20090831_Very short walk on Jugger Howe Moor (near Fylingdales Moor)


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