20100714 – Links info – A bit of a disclaimer ….

Just to make sure there’s no misunderstandings … I’ve just started adding some external website links to the last handful of my posts [about my Boggle Hole Hol’s in 2009] …. They are just what I’ve found by a quick trawl on the world-wide-web and which I think have a degree of relevance to my  blog content.

Please note, I’ve no association with any of these sites, nor their content, although I have tried to avoid anything that appears overtly commercial and I have no responsibilty for anything in them. The sites are all easily found on the internet independantly of my blog and most [if not all] featured on the 1st page when I “googled” my searches …  I certainly found some of their info’ interesting and I hope you may also.

This also applies to any external sites I’ve linked to in any of my blog posts, not just the last nine or so posts.

Cheers and ta-ta-for-now. Gary. I hope you enjoy my scribblings and photo’s.


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