20090923_Sunset over Cawston-Rugby

20090923_Sunset over Cawston-Rugby

When : 23rd September 2009

Who : Me and Craig

Where : Cawston – Rugby … Off the Main road out of Bilton Village (towards Potford’s Dam), On a bridle track opposite Cawston Lane.

General Grid Ref. : 468,734

Map : 1:25000 O.S. Outdoor Leisure Map 222, Rugby and Dunchurch.

Summary : Superb sunset at Cawston, Rugby, Warwickshire.

This was quite the most stunning sunset I’ve seen for a long, long time … maybe even ever …. It arrived all of a sudden, passed overhead, intensified, faded and finally disappeared over the horizon …. It seemed to last only a few minutes, in fact it was just over half an hour of intense beauty.

As the glow built outside, I just HAD to grab my camera (there was absolutely no choice in the matter); throw on my nearest pair of shoes and encourage my 8-yr.old son to do the same. We literally had to run to get a half decent place to take these pic’s, on a public bridle track/path in a farmer’s field with some bemused looking cows looking on.

Even now, some months on, as we pass the end of the bridle track, Craig still mentions our little dash. If you know anything about the attention span of an 8-yr old boy you’ll realise that it must have made quite an impression.

If you’re interested, my pic’s were taken with my still relatively new Digital SLR Pentax K200D camera with the SMC Pentax-DA 18-55mm AL kit Lens with UV filter … all hand-held, no computer enhancements, mostly shot on “scene” mode and “sunset” setting and at various zooms.

There are more sunset pic’s on my Flickr photostream if you’re interest.

I hope you enjoyed my scribblings ….


Next walk = 20090924_Coventry War Memorial Park (another lunch time wander)


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