20090924_A Walk in Coventry War Memorial Park

20090924_A Walk in Coventry War Memorial Park

When : 24th September 2009

Who : Just Me.

Where : Earlsdon, Coventry,

Map : Not really needed but the 1:25,000 OS Explorer Map no.221 covers the park at GR. 32,77

Start + End Point : Small Car Park off The Leamington Road, near the traffic light junction with Warwick Road/Kenilworth Road GR.330,775

Approx Distance : a couple of miles maybe, tops – Probably less.

Heights : Virtually nothing.

Parking : 3x car parks available – 1x large CP off Kenilworth Road. 2x small CP off Leamington Road and Coat of Arms Bridge Road respectively.

Public Transport : Buses pull in to the main car park / Park and Ride scheme.


Summary : A lunch time wander in Coventry’s premier parkThe War Memorial Park.

Not much to say really, I just had an opportunity to head out in a spot of half-decent autumn weather as potentially there weren’t many left in the year and it’s always good to stretch your legs if you can …. The so called experts that appear on the tele-box and write in newspapers and magazines seem to bang on about how a brisk short walk can do your health wonders, so today I tried to heed their advice – I probably don’t do it often enough to make much difference though.

Still I think it may of helped with energy levels, but I’m not sure if this was offset somewhat by the stresses of driving back and forth in Coventry’s traffic trying to be back at work on time!!!!


Whilst there, as well as some conventional snaps, I tried to get a bit arty with a few photo’s of the wire sculpture of Lady Godiva and the War Memorial Cenotaph with its very pronounced verticals and angles … Not sure if I like them but I’ll let you decide if you think they work or not.



I hope you enjoyed my scribblings ….

Next walk = 20091004_Early Morning Cawston Circular Walk


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