Some Information about The Midland Hill Walkers

Some Information about The Midland Hill Walkers

About a year ago, my sister introduced me to The Midland Hill Walkers (she’d learnt about them via an ad’ at the Go Outdoors store in Coventry). I’d never heard of The MHW before and I suppose there are a lot of other people out there who might not have heard about them also. Having walked with them a few times now, I can thoroughly recommend the club and because I’ve enjoyed their walks, I thought this post might be of interest to anyone “out there” who’s looking for a hill walking club and is unsure about joining the group on a walk.

Rather than regurgitate everything that’s already on the MHW’s web-site it’s probably easier to just direct you to their home site:

However, if their site is “down” for any reason (in my experience, the world wide web certainly isn’t infallible) the main points I think are most relevant about the club are :-

  • Walks are on a Sunday, once a month.
  • Coach picks-up in “Square West” Car Park, near the Police Station, in Kenilworth. The car Park is free on a Sunday (at least at time of writing in Sept-2010).
  • Coach leaves at 7:00 am (pretty much on time as-well)
  • Main areas visited are : North Wales ; Mid Wales ; The Peak District … but I’ve been out with them into the Cotswolds as well.
  • A and B walks are normally provided : One of the leaders gives a short synopsis about the “strenuousness” of the two walks during the out-bound journey so that walkers can decide which route most suits them on the day.
  • Coach is often full, so pre-booking is really pretty much essential.
  • Walks are all day so enough food and drink should be carried, as the coach isn’t met at lunch time.
  • There’s an annual membership fee and obviously a charge for the walks.
  • Often the walks end near a pub and some time is given to have a drink before the journey home.
  • Their web-site is very simple with four sections :- Home Page ; Walks Programme ; Noticeboard  and Gallery. The Programme page has costs and contact details for booking purposes.

Obviously, all the above is relevant at the time of writing (Sept-2010) and details may change on their official web-site without this blog page being updated – That’s why ther are no names or ‘phone no.s given here as these are liable to change from time to time. There is no link or update routine between the MHW site and my blog … Therefore, for the most up-to-date and reliable info use the MHW web-site not this blog page … I just decided to flag-up and advertise the clubs existence really, as a possible route to finding them.

Eventually, I’ll be writing a few words about my personal take on the MHW walks I’ve done – and a few photo’s as well which might give an idea of the places and terrain they cover …. these might also be of interest to anyone who was on the walk as well; to that end :- Next post to follow = my 1st walk with the MHW = 20091018_Goyt Valley to Peak Forest A-Walk.


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