Midland Hill Walkers – Newspaper Article

Hill walking club is striding ahead

Midland Hill Walkers

Leamington Courier Newspaper Article

When : Published Friday, July 30, 2010

Who : Article by Barbara Goulden

Photos : A.N.Other from the paper and ME !!!

For anyone that missed it, or for those who’d like to revisit the article about The Midland Hill Walkers here is a scanned copy of what was published in the Leamington Courier this summer.

I’m sure by posting this in my flickr photostream and blog I’m probably not in breach of copyright as I’ve been on-line and I couldn’t find the article anywhere on their site, so it’s hardly in their current content. Also, I’d allowed the newspaper to use one of my photo’s (The one showing the A-party walking along The Great Ridge from Mam Tor towards Hollins Cross and Lose Hill) and asked them to credit me – Which as you can see, they didn’t! … so, I’m now giving myself a little credit instead.

Anyways up, I was happy that the MHW (and Chris’ in particular) thought my pic’ was good enough to use :- Made me feel good!, it’s nice to have something recognised even something as simple as someone liking a photo’ …. Thanks Chris’.

At first the Courier declined to use my image stating they prefer to use their own photographer(s) and also they don’t think group photo’s in the real-world print very well in their paper :- Made me feel a tad disappointed!

Turned out in the end that they back-tracked and printed my photo’ next to theirs after all : – Made me feel even better than at first! – Just a pity they didn’t stick my name next to it, but hey it’s done and dusted now so can’t be helped …. I’ll let you decide which gives a better feel for what the Midland Hill Walkers do and where they get to.

And finally ….

Good on Chris’, Jan and Sue for turning up for the other picture donning their walking gear and pretending to be on a walk.

I hope you enjoyed my scribblings and the newspaper article itself ….

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