Midland Hill Walkers_Leamington Courier Article



Hill walking club is striding ahead

Midland Hill Walkers

Leamington Courier Newspaper Article

When : Published Friday, July 30, 2010

Who : Article by Barbara Goulden

Photos : A.N.Other from the paper and ME !!!

Midland Hill Walkers_Leamington Courier Article

Sue Darlison and fellow members of the Midland Hillwalkers have just celebrated their 200th walk… and they’re looking for new members.

The enthusiastic band of hikers includes teachers, taxi drivers, engineers and even the odd postman. They come mainly from Leamington, Warwick and Kenilworth and meet up once a month, at the crack of dawn, to go off on an adventure.

Sue, aged 68, from Bishops Tachbrook, said: “Getting out in the fresh air to places like the great ridge at Mam Tor in Derbyshire is just magnificent. We always have two grades of walk, easy of perhaps nine miles or stronger, which can be 12 to 14 miles. But there are plenty of stops for lunch and refreshments along the way. Having said that we shouldn’t be confused with a rambling club, we’re different ages and usually stay out for a whole Sunday, from 7am when we meet our coach in Kenilworth, until 7pm or 8pm that night.”

Chris Othen, one of six guides in the 80-strong group is involved in roconnoitring ahead of each expedition.

Chris said, “Our  next outing is to the Breacon Beacons on August 22, then after that we’ll be visiting the Peak District. We would like to attract a few more members as not everyone wants to walk every month and we always book a 50-seater coach which costs £12 per person, however far we travel. It also means we can have a snooze on the way home!”

For more information call 01926 856336 or go online. www.midlandhillwalkers.org.uk

There endeth the copying out of the newspaper article and if you’d like a bit more info’ I’ve witten a bit more at this <link>.


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