20101212_Photos Added on Flickr – Midland Hill Walkers December Walk

20101212 – Midland Hill Walkers – Cleeve Hill Walk – December 12th 2010

This picture taken at the top of Nottingham Hill.

No words at the moment, but for anyone interested there’s a set of photo’s on Flickr …. Just click on this link …. or … for a slide show use this link.

Hope you enjoy.



Next post  = 20091115_ Llyn Celyn to Pentrefoelas Walk – Wales (near Bala)

20090912-31_Me on Striding Edge

Originally uploaded by gary.hadden


Rather than copy lots of pic’s of striding edge in my main diary post (Helvellyn Circular walk from Patterdale) … Please use this link to see a set a photo’s starting from near “Hole in the Wall” and finally looking back from Helvellyn Summit.

Hope you enjoy the pic’s as much as I did walking across the most famous ridge walk in England.


20101207-10_Hoarfrost -Coventry War Memorial Park

After yet another night and morning of early winter freezing fogs, the mists lifted to reveal a lovely blue sky and a dazzling hoarfrost on vitually everything.

So I took part of my lunch-time to grab my camera and take a wander in Coventry’s War Memorial Park …. and this photo’ is one of the results ….

There’s a bunch of other pic’s I’ve uploaded as a set; I’ve probably rushed them out onto flickr, but hey it was quite stunningly pretty and I wanted to share …. Please click on this link to go see.