20110306-14_Warwickshire Footpath Comments

20110306-14_Warwickshire Footpath Comments by gary.haddenWarwickshire Footpath Comments ….

Tel : 01926 413427
Email : paths@warwickshre.gov.uk
(@ Warwickshire County Council)

Waymaker signpost. Not the most thrilling subject on the face of it, but highlights what could be a very important service for countryside access in Warwickshire. In these days of cut backs and restricted funding for our councils I would urge anyone with an interest in using our rights of ways in the area to contact the access/rights of way team … not only to complain when things aren’t quite right but also to praise the work the team do in maintaining and improving our network of paths, bridleways and other rights of way for us to enjoy. Lets give them our support and urge the councils to maintain as much funding as possible.

This signpost is between Beacon Hill (Shuckburgh Hills) and Napton on the Hill and being bright and shiny new stood out quite markedly whilst on a super little circular walk … For a diary write up of my walk please visit – 20110306_Lower Shuckburgh _ Napton on the Hill Circular Walk

Cheers, Gary


2 thoughts on “20110306-14_Warwickshire Footpath Comments

  1. As a Coventrian, I was a member of “The Wayfarers Club” years ( 50) ago. I now live in Canada. I was browsing aong Coventry & Warwickshire Footpath stuff. !

    I was also with CTC and YHA. walking, cycling and hostels;Quite nostalgic

    I’m 78 now

  2. Hello Alan, thank you for your comment … it’s nice getting some feedback once in a while. I hope my scribblings have been of interest – There are some lovely spots in Warwickshire … not exciting in “The Wayfarers Club” mountaineering league but it’s home and I try to make the most of the footpaths near-by. I was a member of the Coventry YHA local group (now renamed the Coventry Outdoor Group I think) and that’s where I met the lovely lady that became my wife … YHA = Youth Hostel Association OR Your Husband Assured !!! 🙂 Again thanks for your comment I hope my diaries brought back good memories for you. T.T.F.N. Gary.

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