Midland Hill Walkers West East Traverse of The Peak District (Stage-1 of 4)

20090405_Midland Hill Walkers West East Traverse of The Peak District (Stage-1 of 4)

When : 5th April 2009

Who : Midland Hill Walkers – Walking Club

Where : Bollington to Goyt Valley, Peak District, Not far from Buxton, England

Maps : O.S. Outdoor Leisure Map No. OL24 – The Peak District – White Peak Area

Start Point : Bollington SJ.93,77,

End Point : The Goyt Valley at Errwood Reservoir  (around about SK.018,759)

Approx Distance : ???? miles … B-Team normally walk about 10 miles and the A-Team normally about 13-15 miles maybe, so I’d guess they probably did that sort of distance this time out.

Red text is addition to my original post, now that I’ve learnt a little more about the walk.

I didn’t do either the A or B walks for this, the first leg of a four stage walk across The Peak District, mostly in Derbyshire. This was because at the time I hadn’t actually joined The Midland Hill Walkers (walking club) when they did the walk, but I did do the later stages 2, 3 and 4, so I’m putting this into my diary blog so that all four routes can be read, one after the other, with as much continuity as I can manage. 

I think I heard that the start was somewhere near The Roaches (but I’m not at all sure about this) and finished at Bunsal Cob near Errwood and Fernilee Reservoirs in The Goyt Valley. I’ve asked one of the MHW leaders if he can fill me in on the route taken, but I’m fairly confident about the finish point, as this is where the 2nd stage started from (at least for the A-party). 

I’ve now been told that the walk (according to one of the MHW’s leaders) … was on 5th April 2009 and went from Bollington, over Shining Tor to the Errwood Reservoir ….”. From this info I can summise that they probably didn’t do The Roaches, as that area (although not a million miles away) is quite a bit further south.

Another assumption is that they probably went up and over Kerridge Hill (on the Gritstone Trail)  immediately to the south of Bollington, including passing by the White Nancy Monument. Why do I assume this? … because there’s a photo on the MHW web-site gallery of a group of people stood in front of this oddly shaped and very distinctive construction. Beyond the above, I can’t say much more about the walk as there are a multitude of paths criss-crossing the countryside between Bollington and The Goyt Valley.

However, I’ve now allowed my imagination to run riot and devised a route that I think would be worth doing, that’d incorporate the known sites along the route …. and it’d go something like :- Bollington, White Nancy, Kerridge Hill, Tegs Nose Country Park, Ridgegate/Trentabank Reservoirs and Macclesfield Forest, Shutlingsloe, Wildboar Clough, Cumberland Brook, Cat and Fiddle Pub, Shining Tor, Cats Tor, and finish at Errwood Reservoir. This would be about 14-15 miles long and lots of ups and downs – Just about right for the MHW’s A-Party. It’d be interesting to see how many places coincide with what was actually walked back in Apr-09.

There’s not much more I can say, except repeat the little bit of recent info’ from the MHW web site, which goes :-  

“Our March [2011] walk was the final stage of the Derbyshire Peaks West-East Traverse. This is a beautiful walk created by Bill, who set up the Midland Hillwalkers in 1992. As the name suggests, we crossed the Peak District from West to East …..” 

I can certainly vouch for the beautiful scenery of the second, third and fourth legs and now feel disappointed I hadn’t done the first stage, it feels like I’ve unfinished business. 

I hope you enjoyed my scribblings ….

T.T.F.N. Gary


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