20110824_Sunset wander and photo experimentation.

20110824_Sunset wander and photo experimentation.

When : 24th August 2011.

Who : Me and my 15 y.o daughter Katie.

Where : Cawston (near Rugby).

If you click on a pic’ it should launch as a larger image on my flickr photostream.

Summary : An evening wander  from our front door [hoping for a nice sunset over Lawford heath from the old Lias line railway track-bed] which turned into something just a little bit different.

20110824_cawston (Rugby) Sunset wander and photo experimentation.

20110824-14_Light-Trail Experiment_Green on Dark Green by gary.hadden

This is one of those short posts that really isn’t a country walk, but a bit of fun really … The evening looked like it could develop to have a nice sunset and I mentioned I might go out for a wander with my camera for company …. Then, low and behold, my daughter (who doesn’t “do walking”) said she’d come with me – Well you could have knocked me over with a feather, but readily agreed.

We set off on the estate’s perimeter paths, ending up joining the old and disused Lias Line (Rugby to Leamington) railway near Drummond Road. The railway has a path running along the old track bed which over the years has proven to be rather over-grown at this time of year, with bramble, briar rose and other scrub plants trying to bar the way. However, due to the sterling efforts of a small band of volunteers the path was easily passable, the undergrowth having been cut back considerably earlier in the year.

20110824-03_Evil Eyes - Cawston Sunset - Rugby by gary.haddenThe old Lias Line Railway is being transformed into a local nature reserve and is becoming known as Cawston Greenway. The volunteer group has obtained a little sponsorship and with advice from conservation groups are making clearings etc. to encourage a wider diversity of both flora and fauna … a fantastic effort that will be an asset to the whole local community (especially when Sustrans improve the section south of Potford’s Dam). The “Friends of Cawston Greenway” are easy to find on the internet and I believe the next round of work-days are soon to be started, now the bird nesting season is over for the year. I’m also sure they’d welcome any new-comers to the cause.

Anyway, as we walked northwards chatting, we soon reached a break in the trees giving a view over the farmland of Lawford Heath (out beyond the new Rugby Western Relief Road not more than a 20110824-04_Evil Eyes - Cawston Sunset - Rugby by gary.haddencouple of hundred yards away). We lingered here for a while, taking a few photo’s of the pretty but hardly spectacular sunset over to the west. The most remarkable thing was some breaks in the clouds that (with a little imagination) looked like angry devils eyes glowering down on the gloom covered landscape below.

Compared to some sunsets we sometimes get hereabouts, I was a tad disappointed with this evening’s offering, but despite this we moved on, further away from home, still on the greenway and soon reached a modern concrete 20110824-12_Light-Trail Experiment_Yellow on Blue + Beige by gary.haddenunderpass next to one of the old Victorian brick built bridges. The underpass takes the path below the Cawston link road out onto the relief road. It was here we climbed the quite steep bank to reach the road into the estate …. very quickly we reached a still unfinished traffic island with tall lamp-posts lighting up the gloom.

20110824-08_Light-Trail Experiment_Yellow on Green + Orange by gary.haddenA very poor photo, looking past these lights (low light + slow shutter speed x hand held camera = very shaky image) was instantly deleted. However, this gave me an idea for an experiment. I put the camera setting to B and kept scene on Sunset, then, whilst wiggling the camera about, I held the shutter release button down for several seconds giving a long exposure. Katie loved the resulting effect (I think her very words 20110824-09_Light-Trail Experiment_Pink on Blue + Purple by gary.haddenwere something like “Oh Wow, That’s Cool” or at least something very similar …. We then stood for some time playing, trying to get the best effects we could. Once it started to get properly dark (the sun had gone completely now, with just a faint glow in the distance), we headed home – just a few minutes away along the road.

20110824-13_Light-Trail Experiment_Pink on Purple + Brown by gary.hadden

20110824-10_Light-Trail Experiment_Pink on Purple + Orange by gary.haddenLater, myself and my 10-y.o. son Craig played around with the better of the images on the computer, enhancing/intensifying/distorting the photo’s to make some very colourful results; I quite like them, I hope you do to …. They are certainly a major departure from the landscapes I normally take, upload to flickr and attach in my blog.20110824-11_Light-Trail Experiment_Pink on Cerise by gary.hadden

Well, that’s that, I hope you enjoyed my scribblings ….

If you’d like to comment on my diary or any of my pic’s please feel welcome.


T.T.F.N. Gary.


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