20111208 – No Hill Walking For Me For A While !!!

20111208 – No Hill Walking For Me For A While !!!

Well it’s taken a little time to reach this point (over a year), but after initial GP visits, x-rays, a period of physio (made no difference at all), MRI scans, a load of waiting and a cancelled op’ (due to having a cold) I’ve now eventually had key-hole surgery on both my knees.

Technically what they’ve done is a BILATERAL KNEE ARTHROSCOPY + PARTIAL MEDIAL MENISCECTOMY AND CHANDRAL DEBRIDEMENT …. In effect they’ve made 2x cuts just below and to the sides of both of my knee caps and gone in with a camera and various tools to remove/tidy up my damaged cartilage etc. and flush out all the rubbish.

I’ve been signed-off work for 2-weeks, I’m not allowed to drive, but I am allowed to put full weight on my legs (hurts after a short while though) …. Have now got an appointment to see a physiotherapist a week on Friday, when hopefully the swelling/bruising will have gone down sufficiently to be meaningful.

Although I’ve got a pair of crutches to help me when walking (well more like hobbling) around, we’ve rented a wheel chair for a week … I can make it move myself (will build arm and shoulder muscles) and I’m hoping the weather will improve enough for the mile down to Bilton for a visit to Mosaic Coffee Shop just to get me out of the house coz daytime TV is errmmm crap (please excuse the language).

The main reason for the chair, however, is to help me get to the concert in Coventry Cathedral on Saturday (10th Dec’ 2011) where my daughter Katie is playing in the Coventry Youth Orchestra supporting The St. Michael’s Singers and Cathedral Choristers. We are led to believe there are going to be some pretty important guest conductors/composers and there is no-way I’m gonna miss that concert!

Anyway, the long and short of it at the moment, is that my hill/country walking has been put on hold for the foreseeable time until my rehabilitation is well underway…. so, in the meantime I’ll just have to look back at past walks including the Lake District I did with my sister Janet in September, including :- Robinson-Hindscarth-Newlands Valley Circular ; Skafell Pike Circular from Seathwaite and Haystacks Circular from Buttermere. Those were three fantastic routes (which I’m really pleased to have done) with superb memories to inspire me for the future, especially during the boring physio’ stuff.

I’m also looking forward to getting out with The Midland Hill Walkers again, but I feel I’ve gotta get quite fit before feeling able to do that … missed not being on the last couple of walks with them. There’s so much more to getting out into the wilds than just the physical effort – Mentally it’s just so important to my well being – I operate so much better when I can get a good walk done on a regular basis.

Enough of that … time to sign off and maybe go edit my Lake District Photo’s.




6 thoughts on “20111208 – No Hill Walking For Me For A While !!!

  1. Update – Update …. Stitches have been removed …. 1st session of physio done (assessment only really) but knees seem to be OK-ish …. lots of fluid in the joints, so I’ve gotta wear tight elasticated bandages and when resting gotta keep knees and ankles above hip level – that’s soooo restrictive; otherwise movement OK.

    On the + side, been given go ahead to start walking a bit farther afield but not too much yet just to see how it goes, so walked Craig back from Bilton to Home (about 3/4 mile on the flat) this evening – Bit sore and slow but I did it ! … from little acorns giant oak trees grow …. said hopefully with a smile.

    Next physio during the Christmas hol’s.

    T.T.F.N. Gary

  2. Hi Gary
    I have to have a partial menisectomy on my medial right cartilage soon and like you really need to get into the hills to relax. What’s the progress with yours?

  3. Hi Stuart, Well I’m managing Cotswolds of about 10-12 miles with a big day sack …. haven’t felt brave enough to get into real “Hill Country” like Yorkshire Dales/Mid Wales/Lake District yet, but that was partly down to the weather last year being rather rubbish …. See my 2012 archives for the walks done last year … I would definitely be further advanced if I’d really kept up with the home physio exercises as well – They were just SOOOOOO boring. Neproxin Anti-inflammatory tablets help as well (in moderation) as much better than Ibuprofen …. I think the answer to a quick return is “Do Your Exercises !!!” 🙂 … Gary

  4. You’re an absolute hero Gary. We love the same stuff for the same reasons and I’ve been in a real pickle about the whole thing. Your message has passified me greatly and I definitely owe you a pint!! 🙂

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