20110923-25_Lake District Long Weekend – An Overview

20110923-25_Lake District Long Weekend – An Overview

When : 23rd to 25th September 2011

20110924-29_Me at Stockley Bridge by gary.haddenWho : Me and my sister Janet

Where : Based in Borrowdale, Lake District, Cumbria, England

Total week-end walks distance : Approx 34 km (21 miles)

Total significant heights climbed : Approx 2,300 m (7,560 ft)

Summary : Our annual trip to the superb English Lakes, simply, to walk up some mountains.

Click on a pic’ and it should launch as a larger image on my flickr photostream … or, go to my flickr photo’s to see them all in one go.

Robinson walk on Flickr + Scafell Walk on Flickr + Haystacks walk on Flickr

The week-end trip had been planned for some time, with a room booked at Borrowdale Youth Hostel at Longthwaite + Rosthwaite, in the lovely upper reaches of the Borrowdale Valley south of Keswick and Derwentwater. This would be the 4th year on-the-trot we’d organised a Lake District trip and the second time in as many years we’d based ourselves in the Borrowdale area.

The plan was, hopefully, to use one of the days to climb Scafell Pike, the highest place in England and because we had several hours of driving on both the Friday and Sunday, this only realistically left Saturday to attempt the walk. We just hoped the weather would be kind to us … especially as we were staying in the wettest place in England!

20110924-06_At top of Scafell Pike - Wonderful View (sarcastically said) by gary.haddenThe other two days of walking would be organised sort of in an on-the-hoof / ad-hock basis, depending on the weather and ;

  • on the Friday on how long it would take to drive up from The Midlands, and
  • on the Sunday on how fit we felt after the first two days of walking.

20110923_Robinson + Hindscarth Circular Walk from Little Town - Newlands ValleyThe other snippet of back-ground that adds a certain meaning to the week-end, is that I’ve put-up with a pair of dodgy knees for many years and which, in recent years, had started to play-up more and were certainly taking longer to recover after any harder walks. Well, after about a year of seeing GPs; Having physio’; X-rays and MRI scans I had eventually gotten to see an orthopedic consultant surgeon on the day before we traveled :- His advice was to Stop Walking; Not do anything that will keep knees flexing (like Cycling and Gym work); take up swimming, but not breast stroke …. and so effectively become sedentary! Although he didn’t actually say that last word. To say this was depressing would be an understatement!

201108I know I have never been the best sportsman in the world, or the strongest mountain climber, but I enjoy physical activity. Over the years I’ve done Basketball, Race Walking (where all my knee problems began), Cricket (bowler rather than batsman), Tennis and of course Hill Walking.  Of all the things I’ve done or tried, it’s the Hill Walking that’s become a passion! It’s the one thing that keeps my well-being well. No, it’s more than that, it’s what keeps me, me … I just love getting out into the countryside and if I don’t get out there at least every now and then, then I suffer. So the consultant’s words were almost like a shot to the heart! All I wanted to do was cry!
20110925_Haystacks Circular Walk via Warnscale Bottom from Gatesgarth near ButtermereSo, this week-end felt that it could be the last time of getting out into the mountains that I love, or anywhere else for that matter. Probably overly pessimistic, but the consultant was unnervingly stringent in saying the walking had to stop, but what he did do was refer me on for surgery to clean up all the torn cartilage in my knees and any other work that might help improve things. I resolved therefore to make the very most of the week-end and get in some good mountain tops, including Skafell Pike as I’d never been to the very top of England before!

And there you have it …. that’s the back-ground over-view to this long week-end.

Oh, and the way the week-end panned out as 3x really good walks =

20110923-23_Scope End to Newlands Valley + Cat Bells etc by gary.hadden

20110924-14_Surface Water - Corridor Route by gary.hadden

20110925-11_Old Quarry Hut Bothy_Above Warnscale Bottom by gary.hadden

Individual walks diaries now added … hope you enjoy.

…. If you’d like to comment on my diary or any of my pic’s please feel welcome.

T.T.F.N. Gary.

PS. I’ve now had the key hole surgery on both knees (last week-early Dec 2011) and currently hobbling about the house with two elasticized tube-y-grip bandages trying to squash the residual fluid out of the joints. A ¾ of a mile stroll on the flat from the local village of Bilton to home seemed a huge success on Friday evening!


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