20110923_Pre-amble to Robinson-Hindscarth Horseshoe Walk

20110923_Pre-amble to Robinson-Hindscarth Horseshoe Walk

When : 23rd September 2011

Who : Me and my sister Janet

Where : Newlands Valley, Lake District, Cumbria, England

Distance : Approx  10.7 km (6.6 miles)

Heights climbed : Approx 770m (2527ft)

20110923_Robinson + Hindscarth Circular Walk from Little Town - Newlands ValleyCar Parking : Just outside Little Town, small car park near bridge over Newlands Beck.

Summary : The first of three circular walks in the superb English Lake District, Starting in Little Town in the Newlands Valley, walking to the top of Robinson, then a bit of a drop and rise to the top of Hindscarth before dropping back into the Newlands Valley, having a mug of Tea at Low Snab Farm (at the foot of the mountain) before returning to the car and the drive round to Borrowdale via Newlands Hause (pass) and Honister Pass.

Just a few pic’s are included from the walk …. just to whet your appetite really – more on the main walks diary … also, click on a pic’ and it should launch as a larger image on my flickr photostream.

I’ll not scribble too much of a preamble to the walk as I’ve done a degree of that on my other diary “20110923-25_Lake District Long Weekend – An Overview”. So suffice to say, I’d left home in Rugby, picked up my sister Janet just down the road in Coventry early enough to join the M6 before rush-hour had really got going through Birmingham. As it happened, the traffic, although 20110923-08 (B+W)_Me on Robinson by gary.haddenflowing OK, was quite busy, so we decided to use the M6 Toll road to bypass “Brum”. The cost does seem to be extortionate for the length of road but because of that, there are hardly any trucks and car use is quite light, so speeds are good and you feel that you’re making progress north rather than crawling through the second city. And let’s be honest the bits of Brum’ the M6 passes through are quite ugly, the toll road is much more pleasant on the eye.

The journey was pretty uneventful, just the weather was a bit on the damp and claggy side of good. As we passed Lancaster and caught that first glimpse of the Lake district in the far distance, there was a small sense of disappointment – All the fells were shrouded in cloud, and as we headed past The Howgill Fells and up towards Shap we got rain and low cloud – It wasn’t boding well for today’s walk. However as we crested the rise over the top of Shap and started the drop towards our exit at 20110923-10_On Robinson_Crummock Water + Loweswater Behind by gary.haddenJunction-40 at Penrith there were signs of brightness trying to break through – giving us hope things were going to improve.

As always, the drive down the A66 lifted the spirits even further; I just adore this road; the approach towards and then beneath the flanks of Blencathra is just superb and the vistas opening up over Keswick to the northern fells and mountains give me a real sense of excitement. In common with the A591 passing Kendal into south Lakeland, driving down the A66 flicks a little switch in my heart reigniting a little bit of me that stays dormant for the rest of the time. It’s as if part of me has “come alive” again.

20110923-13_Sunburst over Scarth Gap Pass by gary.haddenAnyway, we drove past Keswick, to branch off the A66 at Portinscale to follow minor roads south through the lovely Newlands Valley eventually passing through the little settlement of Little Town nestling under the craggy flanks of Cat Bells and Maiden Moor. Just to the south of Little Town is a small rough surfaced car park immediately before Chapel Bridge, but by the time we’d arrived this was chock-a-block with vehicles and a line of cars had already filled in much of the 20110923-18_View North from Hindscarth by gary.haddenroad side opposite as well – I just about managed to squeeze in at the end of this line tucking in as close to the fence as physically possible and we donned boots, coats and hoisted ruck-sacks onto backs. We’d arrived – Our Brother and Sister, Annual, Lake District, Long-Weekend, Walking Trip had begun !!!!

Now, I can start writing about the walk … but it’ll probably be best to start a new diary entry for that. I hope I’ve whetted your appetite to read more … so please go see “ 20110923_Robinson-Hindscarth Horseshoe Walk_Newlands Valley“.

…. If you’d like to comment on my diary or any of my pic’s please feel welcome.

T.T.F.N. Gary


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