Feed-Back Please !

Hi everyone :-

If anyone has any anything they’d like to say or have any questions about my diaries or photo’s …. then I’d love to get your feedback …. There are several ways you can do this :-

  • Use the comment box at the end of each diary post.
  • Use the comment box at the end of the “CONTACT ME” or “MY LINKS” tabs at the top of the site pages.
  • If you don’t want your comment or question or what-ever to be public on my blog pages, use my email address noted here (tothehills@ymail.com) and also on the “CONTACT ME” page.
  • I’ll try to reply/comment back as soon as  possible – even if it’s just to say thanks.

If you want to follow my diaries as I add them, then there’s an option to click on the RSS FEED button and subscribe to my blog.

Obviously complimentary comments are nice and very welcome (ego always needs a boost!!!!), but if anyone has constructive criticism (please be gentle though) I’ll try to be big-enough and broad-shouldered enough to take your thoughts on board and maybe incorporate any suggestions with a view to improve my scribblings.

And finally,

ENGLISH :- Please be aware that English writing never was my strong suit, but I try my best to get spellings and punctuation as accurate as possible … It does make me smile when spell check gets very confused over Welsh and North of England spellings … Lots of RED LINES when I’m composing.

AMERICAN ENGLISH :- Despite having computer settings at “English English” a lot of the time the spell check often tries to default to “American English”, which I find very irritating, but occasionally and unfortunately this can find its way into my text – Sorry to all pedants out there – but please don’t bother telling me – PLEASE !

PHOTO’s :- I hope you enjoy my images : I’m not a pro’ photographer, I’m a walker first and a snapper second, but I do try to illustrate my walks as best I can, hopefully telling the story of each walk in all its glory (whatever the weather!) – I’m currently enrolled on a beginners course to try and improve my pic’s – Only time will tell I suppose !!!


T.T.F.N. Gary (tothehills) Hadden


2 thoughts on “Feed-Back Please !

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