20130330-01_A wander down to Bilton (Rugby) to the green covered in crocuses

20130330-01_A wander down to Bilton (Rugby) to the green covered in crocuses

When : 30th March 2013

Who : Me (and my son who went and played in the nearby park)

Where : Bilton + Cawston, Rugby, Warwickshire, UK.

Just had a wander down to Bilton Village, just to see the crocuses [and play at taking a few photo’s] …. They’d had a bit of a battering with the recent snow and maybe they weren’t at their best ever, but still good to see anyway.

20130330-01_Butter Cross The George Pub + Crocuses - Bilton Green - Rugby by gary.hadden

For some reason this year there seemed to be mostly purples and whites and very few yellows. I was hoping for the colours to zing in the early spring sun (it was cold but quite pleasant when I set out), but by the time I got there it had clouded over and there were even a couple of fine snow showers trying to numb my fingers.

20130330-10_Crocuses - Bilton Green - Rugby by gary.hadden

Because of the overcast conditions the vast majority of the charming flowers remained stubbornly closed, but one or two deemed it acceptable for me to see inside to the beautiful stamens protected by their delicate petals. On the way back I stopped to add a few images of the miniature daff’s planted on the roadside verges at Cawston about a mile away from Bilton Green.

20130330-19_Daffodils - Cawston Rugby by gary.hadden

Don’t know what the passing motorists and pedestrians braving the chilly conditions thought, seeing my 6 foot+ frame bent double and at times lying prostrate with camera and tripod whilst being snowed on, but hey I guess I don’t really care.

Anyway, if you want to see some more of my pic’s, please use THIS LINK ….I hope you enjoy them, as I enjoyed taking them

If you’d like to comment on my blog or any of my pic’s I love to hear from you.

Cheers, Gary.


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