20130512 + 20130519_Two Spring Walks In Cawston Bluebell Woods

20130512 + 20130519_Two Spring Walks In Cawston Bluebell Woods

20130519-01_Welcome to Cawston by gary.haddenWhen : 12th May (afternoon) and 19th May (early morning) 2013.

Where : Fox Covert/Cawston Spinney … Bluebell woods, off Cawston Lane, to the south of Rugby.

Map : 1:25,000 OS. Explorer Map 222, Rugby & Daventry. Map Reference : SP 473,727

Distance : Approx 2.5 miles (4 km) and about 2.8 miles (4.5 km)

Significant heights : None20130519-05_Cawston - Looking to Lime Tree Avenue by gary.hadden

I’ve decided this diary post is to combine a couple of wanders down to Cawston woods from our home on the Cawston Grange Estate. The housing estate abuts up to mixed farmland which is slowly being gobbled up by the expanding suburbs of Rugby Town, but right now I feel very fortunate to be able to leave my front door (in one of those new suburbs) and within a couple of minutes be in rural leafy Warwickshire and within five to ten minutes I can be in Cawston Woods.

—- …. — … — …— …. —-

20130512_Cawston Woods Circular Walk      20130519_A photographic walk in Cawston (Rugby) and Cawston bluebell woods

20130519-06_Cawston - Last of the Daffs by gary.hadden    20130519-07_Cawston - Rustic Fence by gary.hadden

20130512-02_Public Footpath passing Cawston Farm - Rugby Warwickshire by gary.hadden   20130512-05_Path through Bluebells_Cawston Woods by gary.hadden

20130519-08_Cawston Bluebell Woods-Shafts of Sunlight by gary.haddenThe woods are special any time of year, partly because there are not a huge number of woods in the area; but they are especially pretty in the spring when the trees are bursting forth with their first leaves of the year, allowing a soft light to percolate through to the ground highlighting the carpet of bluebells. In fact the early morning sunshine on the 19th was really attractive breaking through in shafts, highlighting the bluebells and forming strongly contrasting shadows through the trees – Superb – well worth the effort to leave the house before anyone else was up! Some years the display of bluebells can be in April, other years, like this year it can be as late as Mid May. Also in some years it seems like the bulbous plants take a bit of a rest and don’t throw up so many blooms and can be quite sparsely distributed throughout the woods. In other years however they can be much more densely packed and this year just happened to be really quite stunning.

20130519-10_Cawston Bluebell Woods by gary.hadden

20130512-07_Cawston Bluebell Woods by gary.hadden

20130512-08_Cawston Bluebell Woods by gary.hadden

20130519-16_Cawston Bluebell Woods by gary.hadden  20130519-15_Cawston Bluebell Woods by gary.hadden

Apart from the woods themselves, the environs of Cawston are also quite attractive, there are footpaths around the perimeter of the estate and open fields which become covered with dandelion flowers and then soon after, thousands of seed heads; up close these are very pretty especially with a misting of morning dew – but a right pain in the garden where they seem to constantly land and seed themselves … a never ending battle and proof if it was ever needed that a weed is only a plant that is growing where it’s not wanted.

20130512-12_Cawston Grange - Perimeter Path - Bridleway by gary.hadden   20130519-04_Dandelion Seed Head by gary.hadden

Anyway, that’s probably enough words for now, just to add that even local places have there beauty, just don’t lose sight of that in the passing of everyday life and familiarity of where you live … I guess it’s something we’re all guilty of to a lesser or greater degree.

20130519-03_Dandelion Seed Head by gary.hadden

20130519-18_Cawston -Rugby - Warwickshire by gary.hadden   20130519-19_Rustic Fence - Cawston by gary.hadden

I hope you enjoyed my scribblings and my pic’s …. If you’d like to comment on my diary or any of my photo’s, please feel welcome. I’d love to hear from you.

Oh, and finally, if you click on a photo’ it should launch as a larger image on my flickr photostream …. and there are a bunch more pic’s of the woods / bluebells / Cawston in my photostream / sets of images if you want to go see.

T.T.F.N. Gary.


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