Header Photo Change

As much as I liked my previous header picture of Coombe Abbey Country Park, it didn’t feel right to go with my blog title “Tothehills”, so I’ve changed it to my recent photo of The Great Ridge north of Castleton …. The dark shadowy peak is “Mam Tor”, then “Barker Bank” followed by “Back Tor” (with the lone tree near the top) …. The hill off to the right, with the summit not seen in the image, is “Lose Hill” other wise known as “Ward’s Piece”.

Why this image? Simply, I just love this ridge, it’s a superb walk with fantastic views for the full length …. To the south is the Hope Valley and the expanse of The White Peak; to the north is The Vale of Edale and across to the Kinder Scout plateau. East and West have equally impressive vistas ….. as I said, I love this ridge walk … the last time I walked it ? – This week (August 2013) with my 11 year old son.