20131103_Subscriptions + Notifications

Hi everyone,

I’ve just received this message from a person who subscribes to my blog …. I wont say their name, but thanks for contacting me, as I didn’t know the method I use for updating was annoying to anyone.

Nov 3, 7:43 pm

I subscribed to receiving emails updating me on your walks. I heard nothing until now when I have just received 19 of them in the last 10 minutes and I suspect they are still coming through. How do I stop them it’s very annoying. I am going to delete them so they don’t clog up my in box which is not what I wanted to happen.


Unfortunately, I don’t know how to stop the above happening, because, when I share my photo’s from Flickr to my blog, I have to do each one, on its own and it automatically posts it “live” to its own blog post. I then try as quickly as possible to then copy/paste the image into the relevant blog post where I want them to finally reside ….. I then delete the stand alone image/blog post as quickly as possible.

I wish there was a simpler/better way of doing this, as I’d like to share the pic’s into the walks diary post directly, but I’m told by the guys at flickr that this is not possible.

As it stands, it’s quite a cumbersome and time consuming method I’m using, but ultimately it does seem to work, with my Flickr images and WordPress blog both linking quite nicely to each other,

What I’ll try to do now that I’ve had this feedback, is ascertain from flickr whether it’s possible to share a pic to a draft WordPress post rather than a live post. If this is at-all possible, it would stop the multiple notifications to my subscribers.

I’m really sorry that this method has ended up being annoying,; because I don’t post as often as I’d like, I hope it doesn’t put you off reading my walks diaries and associated posts.

Best regards to all my readers,






2 thoughts on “20131103_Subscriptions + Notifications

  1. Not sure how you are adding your photos. I also add photos from flickr, but draft all of my posts using Windows Live Writer before sending them to WordPress. Might this solve the problem? Live Writer is free to download (just be careful to uncheck all of the relevant boxes or you will also download all of the other Windows Live stuff, some of which can be quite annoying.)
    Hope this helps.

  2. Hello “Beatingthebounds” …. Thanks for the comment and suggestion …. I’ve now solved my quandry, I write my post as a simple word document, the import into wordpress with Copy/paste under via the W icon …. Once imported, I can now grab the html code of my pic’s on flickr (just had to pick the right coding option) and then copy into my wordpress post using the “text” tab …. then, going back to the “visual” tab allows me to cut/copy paste the pic where-ever I like and re-size by just dragging a corner, the header options give me the choice of left/right/centre justified.

    All of this gives me the flexibility I was after, and a click on the image automatically launches in flickr.

    Now that I’ve worked this out, I can do it all in draft form and then finally hit publish when I’m happy with it’s look.

    Again, thanks for your comments,

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