I’m so bendy it hurts

I’m so bendy it hurts

Jodie, the author of http://imsobendyithurts.wordpress.com/ made a comment on one of my posts – but didn’t give a link to her blog …. I’ts worth a look see as it’s about Walking with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. A blog of her journey to fitness while taking park in the 2014 kiltwalk. ( http://www.thekiltwalk.co.uk/main/events-and-fundraising/upcoming-events/the-loch-lomond-kiltwalk-2014.html )


2 thoughts on “I’m so bendy it hurts

  1. No prob’s Jodie,
    I’m not much of a “blogger” myself, in as much as I don’t post very often or regularly, although I have been posting stuff for sometime now (in fits and starts) … I use my blog almost more of a free web-site thing, rather than a daily comment about this or that, or in your case a personal diary of your journey through getting fit for a specific purpose.

    I’ve experienced some blog programmes that don’t like URL links being posted as comments – I think the host prog’ sometimes assumes they may be spam [or even malicious] and blocks them. However, I’d guess linking wordpress to wordpress would probably work fone ….

    Just as a trial, here’s a link to my wordpress home page :- https://tothehills.wordpress.com/
    and also my flickr photostream :- http://www.flickr.com/photos/tothehillsatymail/
    if they work for you, it would suggest links to your blog URL would work as well.

    Happy Walking, Happy Working-Out and Happy scribbling,

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