20140201_Seasons and Weather vs Blog Stat’s

20140201_Seasons and Weather vs Blog Stat’s        (Written 1st Feb 2014)

Opening Statement :- What a winter we’re having !!!

After the long cold snap of the 2012/2013 winter …..

20120119-22_B+W_Toft in the Snow - Sledging

20140201-2_River Avon Flood - Newnham Grounds Farm - Bretford Warwicksire……. the end of 2013 and start of 2014 is proving to be, well let’s face it, pretty much of a wash out. Now, I know there are places getting it very bad, like The Somerset Levels, where they’ve been physically under water for weeks now and with no sign of a let up, but Warwickshire is quite sodden underfoot as well, as I guess most of the country has got to be as well.

20140119-05_Muddy PathA couple of weeks ago, on the one and only sunny and dry Sunday of the year (maybe a little bit of an exaggeration there), I did a 10-mile walk in the Shipston-on-Stour area in the south of Warwickshire. By the end of the walk, it felt like I was carrying a third of the farmland’s mud around with me on my walking boots – The other two thirds of mud being attached to my two walking colleagues’ boots who’d invited me along.

The conditions really don’t engender wanting to head out in a hurry again.

Anyway, my inactivity got me looking at how the weather and seasons relate to the number of views I get on my blog …. which you might think 20121202-11_Winter Sky above Bourton Downs - Cotswoldswould be fairly predictable: Without delving into the figures, you’d maybe think most hits would be in the summer, and well yes and no is how its seems to have panned out. So, I’ve done a bit of number crunching based on the stat’s supplied by WordPress and here are some figures since I started writing my blog in Sept. 2008.

20090828-71_Gary (Me)_Robin Hoods Bay PaddleNow, let me just say that, if there are any mathematicians reading this, please don’t dig too deeply, ’cause I’m no statistician! And Maths was never my strongest subject at school, (what I do in my day job, is draw holes for a living – yes really I do! albeit quite complicated hydraulic engineering types of holes, but holes are what I draw). However, it was kind of interesting (almost fun) looking at how the figures have panned out over the last 5 years or so.

Yearly number of views (or hits) in each year :-

2008 = 1,239

2009 = 2,002

2010 = 3,730

2011 = 10,699

2012 = 13,049

2013 = 12,053

Average number of hits per month in each year :-

2008 = 309

2009 = 166

2010 = 310

2011 = 891

2012 = 1,087

2013 = 1,004

Well it seems from the above, that I can split my figures into two distinct periods :-

  • 2008, 2009, 2010 : Earlier in the life of my blog as I started to build up a variety of diary posts.

20090808-21_River Avon near Lacock

  • 2011, 2012, 2013 : Where my blog had become a little more established and maybe the worlds search engine “spiders” had found my “stuff” on the web and perhaps stated giving higher priority in their web-page listings.

20131123-34_Coombe Country Park_Autumn Colours - Leaf - The Wrautums

So, for the rest of this post, I’m going to ignore 2008, 2009, 2010. That’s right isn’t it, statisticians pick the stuff they want to look at, and discard the rest? And so help prove what they want to prove :- Well that’s what I’m doing now, just looking at the combined figures for 2011, 2012 and last year 2013.

 Average number of hits per month across the 2011, 2012 + 2013 :-

1st = 1,237 … May

2nd = 1,169 … Jan

3rd = 1,103 … Apr

4th = 1,088 … Jul

 5th = 1,045 … Aug

6th = 1,029 … Mar

7th = 1,025 … Jun

8th =    931 … Sep

9th =    928 … Feb

10th =   905 … Oct

11th =   812 … Nov

12th =   657 … Dec

Most number of hits in a month

2011 = 1,298 in January.

2012 = 1,339 in May.

2013 = 1,335 in May.

Second highest hits in a month

2011 = 1,129 in July.

2012 = 1,175 in January.

2013 = 1,187 in April.

Lowest number of hits in a month

2011 = 561

2012 = 738

2013 = 672

ALL in December.

20120421-08_Bluebells in Cawston Woods - RugbySeeing May and April up near the top, didn’t really surprise me, it’s generally the driest time of year, spring has well and truly sprung and probably more crucially, there are the bank holidays of Easter, May-Day, and Whitsun/Spring Bank and I guess all the pent up energy of the winter months is allowed to emerge in a splurge of activity. Also, July being up near the top wasn’t a big surprise either, as that’s when the school holidays start, and again as such maybe marks another splurge of activity.

Honey + Demerara Sugar Roast Ham Joint-1Completely and utterly unsurprising was the trio of months Oct-Nov-Dec, marking the lowest number of hits per month. November and December in particular can be miserable months weather-wise and contain the shortest amount of day-light hours per day. December has also got quite a lot of other distractions to keep people busy at weekends.

20140201-4_River Avon Flood - Newnham Grounds Farm - Bretford WarwicksireThe really surprising one for me was January! That completely bucks the trend of Spring & Summer having the highest hits. Well, my theory for this, is that as the months of Oct-Nov-Dec mark the lowest number of hits (I expected this) and once Christmas is out of the way, January becomes the month of New Years’ Resolutions, with lots of well-meaning “let’s get some exercise” promises …. so I reckon people start looking for places to go for a walk.

20140119-13_South Warwickshire Sodden FarmlandAs an aside, this year’s hits for January (writing in 2014) are down from the average of 1,169 hits/month to just 971. However, this hasn’t come as a shock, as the weather has been particularly appalling, the ground is saturated, the rain just keeps on falling seemingly incessantly and mud abounds all around; it’s all just a little depressing.

So, to summarise, here’s a little hand-drawn graph (another bit of Maths I don’t do often).

Graph - Blog Stats - Tothehills 2011-2013

Well, I hope you enjoyed my scribblings …. If you’d like to comment on my diary or any of my pic’s please feel welcome. I’d love to hear from you.

T.T.F.N. Gary.


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