20141016_Urban Photographic Project – Coventry City Centre

• 20141016_Urban Photographic Project.
• A return trip to Coventry, centred on The Cathedral Area.

20141016-43_Foraging _ Grey Squirrel_Holy Trinity Church Coventry



20141016_Photographic wander in Coventry

When : 29th January 2012
Who : Several Photo Course Members & Our Tutor David Harding – but essentially most of the time on my own.20141016-14_Outside Stained Glass Windows - Coventry New Cathedral
Where : Coventry City Centre, England, UK
Maps used : None
Start and End Point : Ford Street Car Park (Off Cox Street, Near Fairfax Street Sports Centre/Swimming Pool Entrance)
Distance : Approx 3.5 km
Significant heights : None really (Unless you choose to climb The Old Cathedral Spire, but I didn’t this time, but if you’ve never done it, it’s well worth the effort).

Summary : A photo-course trip, to take some photo’s.
The brief : Take photo’s within various possible broad suggestions

• Establishing Shots.
• Muted Colour.
• People / City Scenes.
• Black & White.
• Old & New.
• Reflections.
• Outdoor Flash.
• Details.
• Splash of Colour.
• Aerial.
• Symbolism / War Symbolism.

20141016-02_DETAIL_Choir Statue - Coventry Old CathedralThis is a departure from the normal country walking I write about. In fact, it’s almost the complete antithesis from most posts I’ve “published” before. However, City walks have their place in the walking world and I did walk a little distance. So, for anyone thinking of visiting Coventry, I hope you can glean a little info from my trip, albeit via a slightly odd-ball set of photo’s.

Just as an aside, if you like this post, you might also wish to visit my earlier post from my first photo-course trip to Coventry from a couple of years ago.

We were to meet on The Cathedral Steps near to the iconic St. Michael and The Devil sculpture and after gathering as planned on what turned out to be a very grey, dull and quite frankly uninspiring day we all headed up the steps into The Old Cathedral (sometimes known as The Cathedral Ruins).

The obvious category that applies here is “Christian Symbolism / War Symbolism”.

20141016-07_Remembrance Poppies + Cross of Reconciliation - Coventry Old CathedralYou don’t need to know much about the history of Coventry, to know the significance of The Blitz and the fire storm that reduced the magnificent medieval building to nothing but a shell. However, with the phoenix of Coventry rising out of the ashes the remarkable movement of reconciliation symbolised by the cross of nails grew too. This was cemented by the completely contrasting modern New Cathedral built adjacent to and only yards away from the old one.

20141016-03_Home Front Memorial - Coventry Old Cathedral (b+w)In fact several of the suggested categories lent themselves to the imagery within and around The Old Cathedral and this is where we all started. However, personally I was kind of struggling to find some real inspiration; I think with Coventry being my home town, my familiarity [and somewhat negative view of the city centre] was getting in the way, but I persevered and as we all fragmented and went in our own directions, I started to “see” things that I could try and make some interesting images of, whilst trying to avoid the normal clichéd shots taken by thousands of people over the years.20141016-10_Reconciliation Statue - Coventry Old CathedralAnyway, my zig-zaggy route taken for the day was :-

• Ford Street Car Park + Fairfax Street.
• Priory Street.

20141016-27_Silver Birch_Urban Environment_Coventry       20141016-28_Silver Birch_Urban Environment_Coventry
• Cathedral Steps (next to the Devil).

20141016-17_St. Michael's Victory over the Devil (Sir Jacob Epstein 1958)• The Old Cathedral Ruins.

20141016-01_Stained Glass Window Fragments - Coventry Old Cathedral• Bayley Lane.

20141016-13_Bayley Lane + Guildhouse from - Coventry Old Cathedral• Outside of The New Cathedral.

20141016-15_Outside Walls + Windows - Coventry New Cathedral• Sir Jacob Epstein’s “St. Michael’s Victory Over The Devil” sculpture.

20141016-18_St. Michael's Victory over the Devil (Sir Jacob Epstein 1958)• Priory Street (and Coventry University Buildings).

20141016-24_A Coventry Boy _ Industrial Heritage Statue   20141016-29_Curved Steps_B+W   20141016-25_Coventry University Buildings - Abstract

• Cope Street (behind the Main swimming pool and sports centre).

20141016-31_Rear View of Coventrys Fairfax Street Swimming Pool20141016-34_Coventry Sports centre (Shape of an Elephant)• Beneath Junction-3 of Coventry Ring Road.

20141016-37_Coventry Ringroad + Underpass (b+w)• Cox Street.

20141016-41_Motion Blurr_Coventry Bus + Zebra Crossing• Cuckoo Lane, Priory Row and Down the side of Holy Trinity Church (with brave squirrels).

20141016-22_Georgian Buildings near Coventry's Old + New Cathedrals20141016-45_Foraging _ Grey Squirrel_Holy Trinity Church Coventry• Hill Top (a rare bit of old Coventry).

20141016-40_Hill Top (Walkway Passage) Coventry City Centre• Back to re-meet my fellow photography friends in the Cathedral area.

20141016-19_St. Michael's Victory over the Devil (Sir Jacob Epstein 1958)• (A Wetherspoons pub for lunch at the top of Trinity Street).

• Ironmonger Row + Cross Cheaping in persistent rain, across to the West Orchards Shopping Centre (for some Christmas pressies).

20141016-50_Rainy Pavement Reflections_West Orchards Coventry• Pedestrian shopping precincts/Trinity Street.

20141016-52_Crepes_Reflections_Coventry Precinct Cross• A quick stop-off at Millennium Place and Whittle Arch (I was now running a bit late to get home).

20141016-55_Rainy Reflections_Coventry_Millennium Place     20141016-57_Sir Frank Whittle Statue_Millennium Place  Coventry     20141016-56_Rainy Reflections_Coventry_Millennium Place Big Screen

• And then back to the car-park via Hales Street/Fairfax Street.

Rather than just take the “over-view” of this little tour, I tried to take more odd or detailed types of shot. I quite like some and I like some not quite so much. I’ll let you decide if you get anything from any of them.

If you click on a pic, it should launch larger on my photostream on Flickr.

Or, please visit my set on Flickr for some more pic’s not shown on this post.

I hope you enjoyed my scribblings and my photo’s. Please feel free to comment on anything you wish.
T.T.F.N. Gary


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